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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anti-War "Pope" Murtha Disappointed With MrsSatan Hillary Clinton

John "Old Coot" Murtha says he is Disappointed in MrsSatan for not speaking out more forcefully against the War In Iraq:

    "I have been disappointed. I've been disappointed she hasn't spoken out more forcefully. She's a leader in the Democratic Party -- she's probably going to be the nominee for president next year," said Murtha.

    ... "this is one area where she has to step up at some point and I don't know whether it's related to New York politics or what it is, but I would hope that in the next few months she would make her position clear," said Murtha.

    In response to Murtha's criticisms, a Clinton spokesman said: "Senator Clinton has been a clear and consistent critic of the way the Administration has handled the war and believes the Iraqis must step up so we can begin to bring our troops home."

OH...huh....is it back to being a "War" now for the Liberals? Why...whatever happened to the "Occupation" of Iraq! See, the Libs are counting on people to not remember their words, their lies and their propaganda.

A Democrat being disappointed by...ANOTHER DEMOCRAT ? "Oh, Dat's So Sad!"

Poor Dems...hang on a second, I need to get a kleenex to dab my sad tears for The Old Coot and MrsSatan...

...there, that's better.

Maybe Murtha should contact the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition that I wrote about yesterday because they can't get any answers from MrsSatan Hillary Clinton either.

It's funny that no one, no group, no organization can get any straight answer from MrsSatan on virtually any topic or issue. Now, if she were she a Republican, the press would be reporting on her inability to step out of the cesspool of ambiguity she has submerged herself into. But no, much like her husband, The Unregistered Sexual Offender, the press will let her slide on all issues. Why - ? Well, no doubt because she is the "smartest woman in the world."

So for you moderates and Independents out there, especially those of you in the fine state of New York, is she going to get your vote for another term in the Senate? And will you support her presidential run in 2008?

MrsSatan: She's a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker...a Liar, Phony and Fraud


"This here is the story about Billy Jeff and Mrs. C.
Two young grifters with ambitions you wouldn't believe!" STM
he'd be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon sitting on a Ma n Pa Kettle type porch if it hadn't been for her prodding him into political life. She is far more dangerous than bubba could ever have been, or will be.
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