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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

al-Qaida Candidate Ned Lamont

Of course he's the al-Qaida Candidate! If it weren't so true, if it didn't sting so badly, the Lefties wouldn't have their collective undies all in a tight, scrunchy bundle!

Liberace, Paul Lynde - I mean, David Brock is so hissified over it he wrote to CNN about anchor Chuck Roberts, asking CNN, "what action you intend to take in response to this incident. Will CNN be issuing a retraction? Will Mr. Roberts be offering Mr. Lamont an on-air apology? Will some disciplinary action be taken against Mr. Roberts?"

Liberace, Paul Lynde - I mean, David Brock, those are lots of questions! Did you write them all yourself or did you have help from a ghostwriter?

Eric Alterwoman, scribbling over at The HuffinPuff Post
is upset about the al-Qaida remark:

    There are two points here, lest they get lost in focusing on the egregious stupidity of Mr. [Chuck] Roberts. The first is that journalists can, and do, say anything they want about someone and refuse to take responsibility for it...

Gee, you mean journalists like Dan Rather? Jayson Blair? Janet Cooke?

Ned Lamont, THE anti-War, al-Qaida Candidate, elected in the Connecticut primary by the Far, Far, Far Looney Left Wingers...of course he's THE al-Qaida Candidate. That's why you members of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse dumped Joe Lieberman. Or have you forgotten that already?

al-Qaida Supports Ned Lamont for Senate;
Endorsed by The Terrorist's Union and Mothers Of Hezbollah.
(not paid for by any Candidate or PAC)


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