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Monday, August 28, 2006

AirHead America Minnesota: Can You Hear Them Now?

Who Listens To Minnesota AirHead America? Well, the obvious guess would be "nobody" and you'd pretty much be right!

The Twin Cities Weekly Newspaper, City Pages, Released Minnesota's AM 950's AirHead America Demographics.

Here's what the article says:

Arbitron Ratings of AirHead America's Minnesota station, AM 950, reflect that over the past two years 950 AM has consistently drawn around a one share, or just over 50,000 individuals listeners per week.

That's 416.66666 listeners per hour : 50,000 / 120 hrs (24 hrs x 5 days) and 297.619 listeners per hour if you include the two weekend days of which AHA does indeed have special programs devoted only to Saturday and Sunday. (168hrs = 7days x 24 hours/day).

The Listeners are White, Middle-Aged and overwhelmingly Male.

A survey conducted earlier this year by Media Audit shows that:

- 91% of the station's audience is Caucasian,

- 83% is male,

- 70% of listeners are at least 45 years old,

- and 60% have incomes greater than $75,000/year.

AM 950's Station and General Manager Janet Robert's long term boyfriend is former state representative Bill Luther whose nephew, Mark Heaney, is the co-host of one of the station's afternoon programs. Nepotism is always a good way to run a business, yes?

I thought AirHead America is supposed to be the representative mouthpiece for the downtrodden and the economically disadvantaged. I thought AHA is supposed to be the voice of the people who have been ignored and denigrated by those evil Conservatives and by the Bush Administration. Why, I thought AHA is supposed to be the voice of a new generation of political activists.

And now we find out AHA is nothing more than representative of Middle Aged, "Rich" White Men. Why...who-da-thunk that?


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