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Sunday, August 20, 2006

1985 Retro Video: Mister Cheese and Mr. Suave

This video gives me the perfect opportunity to rip on Mick Jagger thereby allowing me to "needle" a friend of mine who is a HUGE Stone's fan (yeah, you know who you are....).

Note Mr. Jagger's wild and over-the-top gesticulating and facial "mugging" for the camera. Jagger, oblivious to both style and subtlety, acts more like an attention-deprived child begging for his parents to notice him.

In contrast, note David Bowie, underplaying his part (well, he doesn't have a choice opposite Jagger, does he?), using his well honed years of performing to counter Jagger's extreme performance style (style?).

While Jagger hops around like a tweaked Meth Head without any sense of rhythm or style, Bowie's got the grooves and moves down and brings style to what he does.

Sorry Grandpa Mick...you've become (and have been for many years...since '85) the William Shatner of Rock N' Roll, chewing the scenery and hoarding all the Cheese for yourself.

It wouldn't play for me. :(
Geez that's too bad. Seems to be working okay here. Maybe just a YouTube Glitch? I *think* they've been having some tech probs this past week. Try again!!!
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