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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mixeye.com: How To Negotiate With Terrorists

Recently I was contacted by an individual at MixEye asking permission to run my How To Negotiate With Terrorists post. Of course I said, "Sure!"

MixEye is about News, Events and Perspectives and describes itself as:

    MixEye exists solely as a platform for the general public to showcase their insights and opinions via a variety of topic channels related to news and current events. Although contributions will be accepted from the expert to the layman, we strive for and envision a professional stage on which an individual can demonstrate their unique and informed take on a host of topics ranging from global political events to pop culture to layman small-town field reporting. Each contributed viewpoint is comprised of both a visual and a textual component describing a particular event or perspective.

    From a global viewpoint, MixEye sees itself as simply one portal to the growing network of legitimate, publically shared news outside of existing mainstream reporting avenues.

Stop by and check MixEye out. They have a wide range of subjects for you to peruse.

So thanks, MixEye, for the opportunity in publishing my post, and giving it an increase in circulation and readership. I appreciate it.


congratulations on the published item.
Thanks nico.
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