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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jason Leopold Turns His Attention To Psychic Hotline Business

How's that Crow Pie taste, Jason? Good? Do 'ya like it? Is it nice 'n' sweet and oh so tender? Do you hack up the feathers or just swallow them? Do you eat the claws and eyeballs as well? How's that Crow Pie taste, Jason, C'mon, we all want to know.

"This is Jason Leopold's Psychic Hotline, this is Jason, can I help you?"

"Can you tell me what the winning lottery numbers will be tonight?"

"Sure, the winning lottery numbers will be A, EE, B, MZ, and toot!"

"Uh....those aren't numbers, they're letters and a sound."

"Thanks for calling Jason Leopold's Psychic Hotline...."

(click.....dial tone.....)

Jason Leopold, the man who PREDICTED Karl Rove's indictment couldn't have been more wrong, wrong, wrong!

But numbnutts Leo still standing by what he was told:

Well, you just keep standing there Jascy.

Tell us Jason, who are/were your sources? Why,
the Blogosphere demands you release your sources!

Jason, face it, you're just a cartoon character!

Stick A Fork in Jason. He's done!

- - -
Additional Reading On The Jason Leopold-Karl Rove "Prediction":
Rove NOT Indicted

Dem's Suicide Watch Begins

The Karl Rove Indictment Trifecta

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