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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Minneapolis: Second-Hand Smoke=Bad; Criminals With Guns? Feh!

The current issue of Rake, a monthly magazine of St. Paul and Minneapolis, looks at who are the legal gun owners of Minneapolis. It's quite good, albeit a tad bit wordy, but it does tell us who buys guns legally, for self-defense, the instructors who conduct classes for those seeking permits for conceal/carry, and the slow demise of gun shops in the metropolitan area.

But it's the following paragraphs that jumped out at me:
Interesting theory that the Communist Republic of Minneapolis has with regard to gun shops, isn't it? While the City Czars may indeed believe that "no gun shops equals no guns," and therefore no crime, they are grotesquely deluded, for Minneapolis is on a record setting pace so far, this year, in crimes, injuries and deaths linked to illegally obtained hand guns used in criminal activities.

It seems like the City Czars have conveniently forgotten - or deliberately choose to ignore - the fact the criminals don't purchase their hand guns legally, let alone buy them at a gun shop.

Oh, Mr. Koscielski, the City Czars are spending their time and resources protecting its people from far more hideous dangers than gun related crimes. Why, the City Czars have been busy protecting its people from breathing second-hand cigarette smoke. The City Czars have their priorities, and gun-and gang-related crime appears to be near the bottom of that list.

A law abiding citizen can no longer legally purchase a gun in the city limits of Minneapolis. But if you frequent the right bars you can likely hook up with someone who will sell you one in the alley.

But hey-you won't have to breathe any second-hand smoke while you're in that bar. But the trade-off is, depending on the bar, you may wind up with a .45 slug in your chest.

Kudos to the Czars of Minneapolis taking second-hand smoke out of the bars while leaving illegal guns in the hands of criminals in the street. By the way, Mr. Koscielski is the creator of the famous "Murder-apolis" T-shirts. A name befitting the city and its ruling Czars.

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Additional Reading: Blue Star Chronicles

Great article. I don't understand why ppl ignore the statistics. When law-abiding citizens have guns, it deters crimes.

When law abiding citizens don't have guns, it's open citizen,

I wrote an article about this a while back...


Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the kind words Beth.

I read your post and have added it under my post as Additional Reading.

I too, cannot fathom how legal gun ownership by law-abiding people is so bashed upon, yet the criminals basically go unpunished, or "rehabilitated" time and time again, only then to return to the life of crime.

You keep up the good work as well!
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