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Friday, March 24, 2006

One Hit News

Suspected Terrorist wanted to Poison Football Fans' Beer:
Of course the Left just want to pretend that situations like the above don't exist. Or if they do, well, as Mr. John Kerry once stated, "Terrorism is just a nuisance."
- - -
Walgreen customers Sue Over Internal Pharmacy Notes:

- - -
A series of photographs From Rioting, Socialist, Youths in France.

See, this is what happens when a Liberal, Socialistic Government teat feeds its citizenry for so long, for so many years, then decides to remove the trough. The Left in the U.S., somehow...oddly...doesn't realize or recognize this.
- - -
What's that foul stench? Second hand cigarette smoke...cigar smoke? No. It's the The Stench of Lynx
- - -
A Beer Health Spa! Cheers!

Damn well since the Detroit Lions have sucked for so long I gave up my tickets. Wouldn't you know it if was still going maybe just maybe something neat would happen to me there. My timing is way off!
Nice touch, Jason. Maybe we can have the Beer Terrorists cater parties for only Liberals in the future?!?!?
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