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Friday, March 24, 2006

Fat Eddy Schultz Will Repay You By Shooting Your Dog!

Winding his way down the West Coast "Save the AirHead America Stations Tour", Big Fat Eddy Schultz mentioned today that he didn't know how to thank all those who were so kind to him this past week.

Well...I have an idea how Fat Eddy can repay you:

Press the > button to listen to the audio:

Big Fat Eddy Schultz

Ed Schultz Shoots His Dog!

Ed Schultz Shoots His Dog!

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?


the guy shot his dog accidentally, killing it and feeling terrible about it. cut him sone slack.
Once, Ed Schultzs' dog barked at me. It so traumatized me, I think Schultz, since he was the dog handler, should be labeled as a terrorist.

njdart, do you think he was maybe DRUNK of his rocker when he shot his dog...hehyuk, hehyuk, hehyuk, hehyuk?
..and that should read "drunk OFF his rocker..." (not "of")!
Your conservative bias is beyond good taste. Your readers are probably leaving you in droves.
"our conservative bias is beyond good taste."

Ya think? And all the while I thought I was being subtle, fair, and balanced.

I don't know that anyone is forcing you to read my blog.

"Now go away, and don't come back - or I shall fart in your general direction."
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