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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mooching...But It's All Good

HERE's where I found this crazy thing. Thanks to my buddies at Red State Rant!

Howlin' Howard Dean, sure seems to me, looks overly medicated in this image capture, doesn't he?

I thought I was the only one who had Conversations Like This. Whew! And the 8:30 bus arrives at 8:30!

Maximus Leader notes that the Avian Flu has claimed a well regarded parrot?

The Game bring us South Park takes on Katrina.

Basil Has News of The Worlds Smallest Car. Ed Begley asks, "Where can I get one and, like in 'Incredible Voyage', can I shrink down enough to fit in one?" No Ed, not yet. But I bet your brain would fit in the driver seat with room to spare.

Moe brings us some esoteric Animal Factoids:
Drop the Acidman A Note or Card if you have a moment, while he is 'On Holiday'. .."Ten cartons of cigarettes..." -- What a Guy!

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