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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Skanky Miller Show: Nidal Malik Hasan's Murderous Rampage Not Terrorism

I don't know the name of the guest caller of Friday's edition of Liberal Radio's Skanky Miller program but he said some very interesting things and offered some very interesting analysis of the Fort Hood Shootings committed by Nidal Malik Hasan.

Skanky Miller

For instance, he said that Hasan's murderous rampage cannot really be classified as terrorism because "only 13 people died."

He said that Hasan's acts don't fall under the definition of terrorism because civilians were not targeted, only Military personnel.

Hitler, Obama...Obama Hitler. There's no difference. None at all.

He said that it is disrespectful to portray images of Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior with a Hitler-esque mustache. Awww. "Dat's. So. Sad." Especially considering how The Left never uses the politics of personal attack against their political opponents.

He said that Hasan's actions aren't terrorism because Hasan was "teased."

Awwwwww - poor diaper head was teased. Isn't that terrible? He must be the only one in the entire fucking world - let alone the Military - who has been teased. So of course, his actions are justified by Liberals. And using this justification, anyone teased by Liberals receives a "Get out of Jail Free" card. Huh, this has me thinking the rest of us can shoot and murder Liberals and Progressives with complete immunity considering how they tease anyone who doesn't believe what they believe.

The fact that Hasan targeted Military personnel should mean the crime is more heinous than if he had targeted civilians. After all, Hasan took an oath to protect his fellow Soldiers, an oath that is supposed to supersede one's religious beliefs, cultural background, race, ethnicity and skin color. But Hasan didn't honor his oath, did he.

And we now know that 13 is at least one of the magic numbers that is low enough to not qualify as being a "terrorist act." I'm not sure what the precise number of dead is supposed to be, or is supposed to reach, before it is declared terrorism, but we know that 13 dead...well, it's just not enough to be considered terrorism.

Ex-Wino Jowly Jim Ward. He was funnier as a boozer.

Then Fathead Jowly Jim Ward chimed in wondering how could one person, Hasan, kill so many people. Ward is proffering some sort of conspiracy theory. Yeah, uh-huh, he's probably right. Hasan had an accomplice. Probably situated on the Grassy Knoll.

It's okay to kill and murder Liberals, everyone. Get to it. We have complete and total immunity because we've been "teased" by Liberals.

HooRay! It's open season on killing Liberals! Hot Damn, this is going to be fun! I've been teased and ridiculed by Liberals. Guess that gives me complete immunity from going on a terroristic rampage of killing Liberals and Progressives. Now...what caliber should I choose? Any suggestions?


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Hi Dave! The comment about the terrorist being teased in the military is pure sh*t. I was in the military and there is no way an elisted man would tease and officer to his face especially a major in the military. All of us essentially ignored the medical core anyway. This is just more f*cking spin by the main stream media.
David, you did not get it, it's only ok to kill if you are an islamic terrorist since according to the kenyan scumbag in chief, there is no such thing as an islamic terrorist.

He is himself a moslem, what do you expect??? It's like expecting a white supremacist to hate Hitler or a black supremacist to hate Malcom X which is a BIG NON-SENSE!!!
Once agin David, great editorial and once again, I invite you to visit Galganov and read this blogworthy article:


Notice this important part of the editorial:

"What was also missing from his speech was the word TERRORISM. Even more succinctly, Islamo TERRORISM."


Thanks for the info, Theodore. It seems the spin and extreme reaching of Liberals in making excuses for Hasan's anti-American pro-radicalized Islamic terrroistic acts are reaching a new, heightened standard.

Barry the Kenyan-born Muslim terrorist identifies with other Radicalized Muslim terrorists.

Su-prize, su-prize! Not!

It's too bad that...(and you will have to finish this sentence yourself but you know what words should be here).
Oh, Tym, as always, thanks for the tips on Galganov. I like so much of his writing.
We need to fear Religous fanatics of all persuasions.
Look around you today. What do you see? Religous people all over the world warring against each other: Muslims against Jews, Hindus against Muslims, Shiites against Sunnis, Protestants against Catholics.
Most of the world's ills can be traced to the hatred of one religious group against another.

How many times have you heard devout Christians say that when it comes to loyalty between their country and their God...they'll choose their God every time.

It's time for religious fanatics of all faiths to "love this country or leave it".

I see you are steeped in denial. Ahhhhh, you must be a Liberal FuckTard.

I don't see Hindus against Muslims. I do see RADICAL FANATIC MUSLIMS against EVERYONE ELSE.

Funny how you don't see that. Then again, perhaps you just don't want to see that.

"How many times have you heard devout Christians say that when it comes to loyalty between their country and their God...they'll choose their God every time."

I haven't heard that. Perhaps you have a FACTUAL source you can cite. Then again, probably not. You just pulled that quote out of your ass.

Keep those blinders firmly in place.

Keep injecting the Kool-Aid. Keep shedding tears for extremist Muslims like Hasan.

The only weapons I use against Libs are mines … of a pencil!

R. Duncan,

Heh, and your wicked sense of humor. And you use facts and the Libs can't handle those.
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