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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama Spends Two Whole Hours
on The Afghanistan War!


You really have to hand it to Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. He spent two whole hours being briefed on the Afghanistan war! NY Slimes:

    President Obama said Tuesday that he was determined to “finish the job” in Afghanistan, and his aides signaled to allies that he would send as many as 25,000 to 30,000 additional American troops there even as they cautioned that the final number remained in flux.


    Mr. Obama went around the table in the White House Situation Room asking his senior advisers for summations of their individual assessments and to voice any concerns they still had, said an administration official who was briefed on the two-hour meeting.

Two whole hours! My, oh, my...where did he find the time between his daily work-out routine, shooting hoops and playing golf?

Of course, now we can all officially agree that he is a Warmonger, since his Afghanistan plan portends increasing the Troop levels by some 30,000.

Afghanistan was going rather well under the Bush Admin, but along comes The Kenyan and poof, it goes straight to hell.

Afghanistan, under Obama, the MOST DEADLIEST YEAR EVER and only 35 percent approval rating of his handling of the war. AFP:

    With 2009 by far the deadliest year for foreign troops in Afghanistan, critics of reinforcing the 68,000-strong US contingent portray the mission as unnecessary and unwinnable, warning it has begun to resemble Vietnam.

    A USA TODAY/Gallup poll released Wednesday showed rising pessimism among the US public, with only 35 percent approving of Obama's handling of the conflict, down from 56 percent four months ago.

    America was divided on the president's expected decision to dispatch some 34,000 more US troops. Half of those surveyed backed the plans, while 39 percent said it was time to begin withdrawing forces.

Where are all the anti-war Liberals? Why aren't they screaming and shouting and displaying hissy fits over the Warmonger in the White House? Remember...it was The Left who said that since W. Bush failed to capture Osama Bin Laden the war in Afghanistan "was lost," so we should pull all of our Troops out of there. So...why are we still there fighting a lost war? Why does The Kenyan want to put the lives of more American Soldiers at risk?

Where is the "War is Always Wrong, Always," crowd? They are unamazingly silient, aren't they?

Oh those Kool-Aid Injecting Pbama Cultists...never underestimate their deepest depths of hypocrisy and denial. Never.

This is as good as time as any to remind everyone that Obama HAS NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE AT ALL! NONE! ZERO! ZIP! And either does Herr Biden who received FIVE DEFERMENTS FOR his alleged ASTHMA.

Obama-Biden: They are doing a Heckuva job, aren't they?


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Heh. David, you’re indulgent in your analysis when you say: "Afghanistan was going rather well under the Bush Admin, but along comes The Kenyan and poof, it goes straight to hell". Our former President had five complete years in front of him to build a winner strategy and bring our troops home. And what he did? Absolutely nothing!

But I join you about Barry. His decisions about Afghanistan are Soviet-style. I predicted this disaster in 2003, I’m still keeping the same theory and I’m sure in a close future, American losses will be important in a higher frequency. It’s really sad.

Happy thanksgiving pal!

R. Duncan
Dear David,
You're a fucking cunt...
Just a plain worn out fucking tiny little cunt.
Cunt you are indeed.
A piece of shit fucking cunt.
Thank you.
Hello Anonymous of Nov. 27 at 12:56pm.

I am pleased and laughing my ass off that my truthful and factual post elicited such a hate-filled attack and comment from you.

You must be one of those tolerant Pbama-worshipping Cultists, eh?

Bwa ha ha ha ha! I live for comments like yours, pinhead.
R. Duncan,

I'm rather surprised someone who seems to be so enlightened would think Bush did nothing in Afghanistan, "absolutely nothing," to use your quote.

There is the Bonn Agreement and its provisions that got their start and continued improvement under Bush. Are you dismissing this?

The building of roads, schools, etc? The return of a centralized democracy. The economic growth.

Almost 30 million people freed from oppression.

This link lists others:

I guess we're going to disagree on the accomplishments in Afghanistan during the Bush Admim.

Is it perfect? No. Is it far better off than where it was before we put Troops on the ground there? I sure think so.

I agree under Obama's strategy Afghanistan is likely to crash and burn. And this is a good thing. It can only hurt his re-election chances in 2012.

Happy belated T-Giving.

Wow! Libs really hate the truth. Hehe (@ Anonymous)

"I'm rather surprised someone who seems to be so enlightened would think Bush did nothing in Afghanistan, "absolutely nothing," to use your quote."

I meant the military strategy. The first air offensive was wonderful, it was 10/10. The destruction of terrorist camps, weapon factories and the arrest of Taliban leaders were well orchestrated too. But there is "an after", David ... They had to plan a noble way out and they didn’t make the job. Because of that, after 7 years, it’s now a Soviet-style war and the defeat is the only possibility, like themselves lived in the early 80s.

It is true that a beginning of civilisation got built in this country. Is it really because Bush admin? I think private corporations like the Carlyle Group are more responsible about that, but with Barry as Commander in Chief, I’m scared that all these efforts will be something … ephemeral.

R. Duncan
Very nice picture there. Too cowardly to serve in Vietnam? I was under the impression that the conflict ended in 1975. When Obama was 14.

Projection much?
Hmmm. Five time deferment Dick Cheney? Get real.
Awww. Did a wittle tity baby trollbama get his wittle feelings hurt? That's so sad. Sniff.
R. Duncan,

Yes, the Pbama Cultists don't like their Cult Leader being treated the way they treated W. Bush and everyone else who doesn't fully agree with their Marxist ideology.

Fair enough on your point of the military strategy. I'll give that to you after the initial clean up of terrorists, their camps, etc under W. Bush. Yes, there was a plateau factor and I woudln't disagree that we have been there too long - not that you said that, I am. And that the Rules of Engagement applied to American Soliders in Afghanistan are far too restrictive. If this were not the case, I think progress there today would be much better advanced than it is.

I'll agree with you in part on the presence of the private companies also. But this is not uncommon. And that Barry's take on Afghanistan will not only be ephemeral (good word) but also ultimately detrimental, leaving the country and its people far worse off than better. It's the Liberal way, abandoning those who need help the most.
You like that image, Sean? Good for you! It originally was that of W. Bush, photoshopped during his Admin. I just added in the face of your Cult Leader. Pretty funny of me, yes, treating Pbama like you Libs treated Bush? Don't dish it out if you cant take it is what I say.

Plenty of men lied about their age during WW2. Men who were 14, 15 who said they were 18 because they wanted to fight for their country.

How much Military experience does Obama have? Huh? Hmmmmmm. None. That's right. None.

No projection here, son. Only on your weak little side of the political aisle.

No, that would be five-deferment Biden. For asthma. Which, oddly, never affected his athletic endeavors of which he is so proud to embellish in his stories.

Obama: No military experience at all. None. That's what really hurts Cultists like you, right? Heh! It's so easy an fun to tweak you sad fuckers.

Indeed. A couple of obedient, Obama-Shit Sandwich Eating Cultists go their panties in a bundle. Awwww. Poor Widdle Cultists.
Why do you have to make these terrible smear posters that just combine our president's name with that of a previous military regime leader? It is just a stupid smear campaign. I don't care how much evidence you have to back any of this up. I would have never done something like this to bush, no mater how terribly he ran the government, and tried to run a quick clean war just like daddy Bush for popularity. I honestly don't mind you posting this kind of stuff, but if I were you, I wouldn't smear the president no matter how republican, democratic, or a terrible leader they are. Could you also stop cussing, it's just rude and makes you look like you need to use them to get any respect.
obama was 14 in vietnam
are you saying obama should have lied about his age? then you would just smear him on that.
why are you so violent about liberals. just chill man
I don't care how much evidence you have to back any of this up.

I'm glad you recognize evidence and facts when you see them. The next step is accepting them as evidence and as facts. You're precious Kenyan is a liar, and you know it.

Your party - I'm presuming you're a Lefty - operates all the time with smear-tactics. What's the matter...you don't like it being applied back onto The Kenyan and his fellow Marxists? Awwww. That's too bad.

Sure, you would smear the president. I bet you did W. Bush and Cheney plenty of times.

I like cussing. Sometimes profanity has its purpose.

Remember, "dissent if the highest form of Patriotism." Remember those words? The Left said it for 8 years under W. Bush. I agree with The Left, dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. You wouldn't want me to not practice something the Left holds in such high regard, would you?

Why bother reading a blog that upsets you so? I don't engage is such silly behavior. You must find something you like here. Or maybe its the fact that blogs such as mine and many others are getting the truth out about Obama and it drives you Cultists crazy, just crazy. Yep. That must be it.

Obama could have lied about his age, sure. He's refused to release his birth certificate, so we have no idea of the REAL year of his birth. He may have been 18 years old and avoided Military service. He could be a Draft Dodger. We don't know since he won't make public his birth certificate.

I'm not violent about Liberals. I'm just dissenting from the Marxist Rulers and the obedient Kool-Aid injectinv Cultists that goose-step along with the Fascists in charge.

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. This is all I'm practicing. I'm surprised you don't recognize it as such.
I could spend hours picking apart absolutely everything you say here...but considering how ridiculously hateful and ignorant you are, I'm not going to bother. This'll be the last time I visit your blog. Good luck with spreading your idiotic hate to people too stupid to realize what it is.
Buh bye, Sean. The Kool-Aid calls. Drink up.
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