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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flaming Obama: Burning Man Obama

Well...now we finally know. Obama is flaming. Flaming Barry. Flaming Barack. He's flaming. I always thought of Barry as a flamer. On the DL, that is, but nevertheless, a flamer.

An artist has created Flaming Barry. Flaming Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

No, it's not a limp-wristed, lisping, bi-racial, gym-rat representation of the prednint dropping the soap in the showers who always has time for his fitness routine but little time for the real problems facing America and even less time for U.S. Soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could have been. It could have. But it's not.

Flaming Barry

Flaming Barry was created by Chinese artist Liu Bolin. al-Reuters:

    A sculpture by Chinese artist Liu Bolin titled "Burning Man Obama" is tested at a workshop in Beijing November 11, 2009. The sculpture represents U.S. President Barack Obama's impact on the world.

Yep. Flaming Obama. His impact on the world. He is burning the world, all right. Burning it right down to the ground. A scorched earth policy.

Flaming Barry. Of course, that's the name Mike Signator has called him for years.


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So is Liu Bolin trying to say Barry is like a holocaust? Is Lui Bolin on crack? Because it is possible to be on crack and still be correct sometimes. You know though, that Liu Bolin might be on to the next best thing to the George Foreman Grill. Imagine cooking your meat on top of Barry's chromus domus. But then that brought up the disturbing thought of where ole Mikey may have cooked his meat. Oh well... Don't ask. Don't tell.
The Weber grill company present the CharBama Grill. "Grill your meat on the man from Kenya." Ur...maybe that's not the greatest tag line. Of course, the CharBama grill will only be available in one color. Oh good Christ, now I'm going to be called a racist for saying that. I shouldn't have written it and could delete it, but then I wouldn't be controversial, sarcastic and satiric, would I?

"Toast your weenies on the CharBama Grill from Weber grill company." Uh...another sales line that probably won't work. We'll think of something.
Does the Charbama Grill come with a rotisserie for turning your meat? You know there is some photochopshop potential here.

Flaming Udumbo?!!

oh man. This is hilarious!
Molson, yeah. Like sticking Malia and Sasha on the rotisserie via photoshop. Oh Lordy day, if the images I did of Malia and Sasha as pregnant, and Sasha's "baby bump" riled up the Obamabots, think of the outrage if I did that. Hmmmmmm....to consider...to consider....;-)
Mats, yes, Flaming, simply Flaming. Flaming Barry. The caustic Commie.
Well you have the "Flaming Barney" photochopshop. Maybe Flaming Barney and Flaming Barry could have a meeting of the flame.
Oh shit, Molson, can the world handle two flaming 'mo's like spBarney and Barry? That's one of the signs of the end of the world that the Mayans wrote about, isn't it?
Man, Dave, this post is heavy stuff. I can't stop laughing at "Flaming Barry". Every single time I think of it, I start laughing.

Good work!
Well, every once in a while Mats the creative atoms in my brain join together and somehow manage to create some humor. Glad it makes you laugh. That is the point!
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