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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fake President, Fake Jobs, Real Costs

The Fraudulent Prednint Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is providing fake numbers in his fake job creation. ABC News:

    The Obama administration, under fire for inflating job growth from the $787 billion stimulus plan, slashed over 60,000 jobs from its most recent report on the program because the reporting outlets had submitted "unrealistic data," according to a document obtained by ABC News.


    ...the omitted data from the 12 outlets reflected 60,803 jobs saved or created from over $20 million in stimulus funds. If the administration had included the data in its report last month, the total job growth from the stimulus would have exceeded 700,000, rather than the 640,000 ultimately reported.


    "The more we learn about the administration's 'jobs created or saved' methodology, the more questions we have regarding its accuracy and validity," Rep. Darrell Issa told ABC News Sunday night. "Now we learn that OMB is playing an active role in trying to filter information. Given this hands-on role that the administration is playing, it would be appropriate to have OMB represented at Thursday's hearing."


    Since the latest stimulus report, there have been numerous media reports that the jobs numbers were inflated.

    The Associated Press said the report "significantly overstates the number of jobs spared with money from programs serving families and children, mostly the Head Start preschool program."

    The Denver Post also cited overstated federal figures with the Colorado Head Start program, noting that the government reported 269 jobs saved or created by the program, but only three were actually saved or created.

    The Chicago Tribune noted that the administration said $4.7 million in stimulus money for schools in north Chicago had saved the jobs of 473 teachers, but the school district only employed 290 teachers. The statistics – claiming that stimulus money had helped save or create 14,330 school jobs in Illinois – were "riddled with anomalies that raise questions about their validity."

    The Boston Globe also reported that Massachusetts recipients of stimulus funds claimed that 12,000 jobs had been saved or created, "that number has been inflated by miscounts, erroneous figures, or claiming jobs for work not yet started."

Lies. Nothing but Lies every time The Kenyan and his Admin speaks or releases information. Lies. All lies.

Where is the outrage from the Pbama Cultists who claimed they would hold their Messyiah responsible, unlike - they alleged - those of us who, at times, supported George W. Bush? Why so silent, Cultists? Why so deathly afraid to hold your failure of a Messyiah responsible and accountable for his actions and his policies? Why so afraid to speak up? Too busy intravenously injecting that Kool-Aid?

Just how deep is the Cultists' level of denial? How high is up?


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Until Ofuckhead is incarcerated for his criminal activities the lying and stealing and killing will not stop. The entire leadership of the Leftardocratic Crime Syndicate needs to put in a supermax for good.
Oh great. Not only tax frauds, commie lovers, and BArney Fwank, but now he has to make up stats in order to advance his agenda.

I make mine the words you said in another trend: I am tired of liberals. Lies and lies and lies and more lies. It gets depressing.

WHEN will they start speaking the truth?How can they look the american people dead in their eyes, and say such things?

Odumbo went to china and spoke of "universal values". Which ones, Flaming Barry? Tell that to your mussy brothers currently killing their own muslim brothers in Pakinstan about "universal values".

Sick sick sick.

This is one of the reasons I am moving away from most political blogs (Gateway, etc). Not bkz of them: they are great. It's bkz of the depressing news I read therein every single day. It's sickening.

But the worse part is that some of this garbage socialist mentality is infiltrating the Republican party (i.e., Dede).

TWICE depressing.
Does that clueless Kenyan imposteur knows anything anyways about the job of president of the USA?

He won a popularity contest to get the job of president and that's a major flaw in democracy. He could have try to win at American Idole or at So you think you can dance instead and USA would have been way better off without him there.
Gentlemen, it is just amazing at the rapid rate Odumbo is destroying the
U.S. And this will affect other, civilized free nations as well. Who is his puppet maters(s)? My money has always been on Soros. What do you all think?
Yeah, I think Soros is behind Obama's "choices".
Me too, Mats. Soros is the puppet master IMHO.
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