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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Obama Ignores LA Fires
Because He Hates White People

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior is ignoring the plight of those suffering from the vast and out of control fires in Los Angeles. L.A. is burning and Barry was on vacation at the wealthy enclave of Martha's Vineyard. This must mean he is indifferent to the suffering of the people affected by the LA fires and it must mean that The Kenyan hates White people.

The above must be true, because this is what The Left said about W. Bush, hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

FEMA sure has fallen down on the job in helping out LA, huh?

Yep. The Kenyan hates White people. It is the only logical and accurate conclusion to make.


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Oh well. They voted for Fraudy so they get what they asked for. When you bend over and spread your checks in the land of Leftardia, don't be surprised when the offer is accepted.
One of the things I like about conservativism is that, at times, we don't need to use our arguments to defeat socialism. All we have to do is to show how socialism (and its ideological affiliates) operate.
The socialists who promoted President Odumbo as the "post-racial" man, and who villified W, should look back at the words they expressed at W, and see how Odumbo is doing.
Your conclusion is perfectly logical within the socialist mindset.
I know you think diferently, but it's good to show the inconsistency of socialists so that they (just maybe) can open their eyes.
Good post again.
Molson, yep. I wonder how many in LA, whose homes are now ashes or about to be, voted and supported Fraudy? I wonder how many donated to his campaign?

They deserve the government they elected. Sadly, this affects the 50% of us who didn't support or vote for The Kenyan.
Well Mats, you know me and my crazy satire and sarcasm!

And that's why satire and sarcasm is funny, because there is always an element of truth to it. And that's all I ever claimed to be here.

The Libs would be projectile vomiting and pooping blood if any Repub was doing what Odumbo is doing. There is no doubt about that. But he gets the Coveted Free Pass because he's a Commie. Liberals hate America is what it comes down to.
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