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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why Are Taxpayers On The Hook For
The Obamas Night On The Town?

The President of The United States has a yearly salary of $400,000 dollars. So why in the hell are the taxpayer's footing the bill for Barack Hussein, Junior and Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman Obama's night on the town to New York?

The Kenyan promised the Amazonian if he won the election, he would take her to dinner and a Broadway show. That sounds like a promise that he should pay for, not the taxpayers.

From FOX News:

    President Obama delivered on a campaign promise Saturday to his most important constituency: his wife. He took the first lady to dinner and a Broadway show in New York.

    The costs of the meal and theater tickets were paid for by the president, but the White House has declined to say how much the rest of the trip cost taxpayers. The New York Post reports that aircraft expenses for the date cost you at least $24,000.

The White House refuses to release and make public the price of the trip. APee:

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs is declining to say what it cost for President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, to eat dinner and take in a play in New York over the weekend.


    The president has been criticized for the trip to New York in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression[.]

Yep. Pbama insists that Americans cut-back and make-do with less - reduce our lifestyle (see Obama's Shit Sandwich) - while he and his wife and his fellow Marxists enjoy only the very finest of amenities. Can you say Hypocrite?

The Obamas are the contemporary version of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

Barry is Marie and Pickles is Louis the XVI, by the way. Astute readers of my blog (not Pbama Cultists or the Insane Liberal Clown Posse) already knew this.


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Where limitless arrogance meets unrelenting fraud, you will find Barry and Pickles. Bastille Day anyone?
"Let them eat arugula and Shit Sandwiches."

They are both such arrogant, Elitist mofu's!
Junior promissed "recently proud of being an american" a night of, and he used public money?

What about for the rest of the night? Did he use public money to buy contraceptives?
Naw, to buy crack cocaine.
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