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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama's Egypt Vacation

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is in Egypt. While there, he will give another of his speeches that Blames America and Appeases Terrorists.

Osama Bin Laden, who, according to The Left has been dead for many years, released an audio saying that Obama is the same as W. Bush. OUCH! That must really be a kick in the groin to the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). CBS News:

    Al Qaeda’s leader compared President Obama’s policies to those of his predecessor President George W. Bush and said they created “more enmity towards Muslims” and “paved the way for new long wars.”

    “Let the American people prepare to continue harvesting what their White House leaders grow, in the years and decades to come,” he added.

    Bin Laden’s statement comes a day after al Qaeda’s number two Ayman al Zawahri said President Obama was not welcomed in Egypt, where he is expected to address Muslims on Thursday.

Meanwhile, it sure is interesting reading about the various accounts of Air France Flight 447.

A pilot says a bomb downed flight 447. Daily Express:

    An Air France pilot said it was almost certain the missing airliner was blown out of the sky.

    He said: “It is highly likely a bomb went off on board. I have flown these jets for Air France for more than 10 years, and the chances of an electrical fault seem unfeasible to me.”

    The aircraft, heading to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, plunged into the Atlantic Ocean four hours after take-off.

    Yesterday it emerged a bomb threat was called on another Air France plane flying from Argentina to Paris just four days before doomed flight AF447.

It wouldn't look good for Barry, while on yet another Blame America and Appease Terrorists Tour, for TERRORISTS to be the reason behind another downed airliner and hundreds of deaths, would it? No...that wouldn't fit perfectly with his agenda.


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Unlike the Cultists, even Osama Bin Fuckface can figure out Barry is a lying sack of shit.

But---but---but---I thought the whole world was supposed to love us now that the Kenyan stole the White House?

You mean radical Islamists still hate us? They even hate Barry The Great? How can this be? It ain't right, Molson.
I think the flight was a shitty French jet made by Airbus. I'd chalk it up to shitty Airbus quality control.

I dunno, maybe. This morning on - I think it was ABC news - I saw a report that said the plane wreckage was strewn about the ocean, which THEY said indicates the plane blew up in the air, well before it hit water. And this sure sounds like a bomb to me.

We'll see what more info is released. But remember the TWA 800 crash? I'm convinced that was terrorism that took that plane down, and the Clinton Admin covered it up.
Wow, you took Pickle's evil hateful face and put it in this picture, amazing.

One evil face is worth a thousand words.

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Well, I hadda include the whole corrput family!

Actually, the first parody I did of the European Vacation movie poster was when Obama went to Europe last year. When his other jaunts came up, I just retitled them, add a few different items in the background, change the signposts, and the "credits" (co-starring....) at the bottom. I often wonder if anyone catches that they are different other than the title?

Thanks for cross posting my post at your site. I guess I can reciprocate by publishing your comment and giving you some free advertising for it. ;-)

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

"I often wonder if anyone catches that they are different other than the title?"

I don't think anyone noticed. You've perfectly mastered the clever art of copying your own stuff. Magnificimo as usual.
Well, then they are missing out on some wonderful comedic nuances. :O

Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes the photoshopping is easy, other times it's just like a shot in a movie - it takes five times as long to create than the time it will be spent being looked at. But I enjoy it, I do this blog to entertain myself first - as I've always said - and if others find it amusing or insulting, well, it';s all good. At least from my perspective.

"But I enjoy it, I do this blog to entertain myself first - as I've always said - and if others find it amusing or insulting, well, it';s all good."

I think there is more to it than just plain amusement, there is also a vital mission that needs to be realized and mr. Drake, you are up to the job ;).



Well, thanks. But I do this because it's fun. And amusing and a good creative outlet for me. When it starts to feel like work, and sometimes it does, that's when I take a break away from updating.

There may be vital mission to warn Earth and other planets about the Dangers of Liberalism. Yes, that is there, I must admit. ;-)

There is more dangers about the so-called liberals that are nothing more than powerful socialists and communists.

This is danger to no end.


Communism and Socialism, like rust, never sleeps. You are spot on there, my friend, spot on.
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