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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama OK With Taxing
Employer-Paid Health Benefits

This story is funny.

CANDIDATE Barack Hussein Obama, Junior was against his presidential rival John McCain's idea of taxing employer-paid health benefits.

But now, PREDNINT Obama is okay with with taxing employer-paid health benefits. From The WaPoo:

    President Obama, in a pivot from some of his harshest campaign rhetoric, told Democratic senators yesterday that he is willing to consider taxing employer-sponsored health benefits to help pay for a broad expansion of coverage.


    White House officials moved quickly to clarify that taxing the health insurance provided by businesses is not Obama's first choice, but aides refused to rule out the possibility.


    Nevertheless, the issue represents treacherous politics for Obama, given his attacks on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who advocated a similar approach during the campaign.

    "For the first time in American history, he wants to tax your health benefits," Obama said in September. "Apparently, Senator McCain doesn't think it's enough that your health premiums have doubled. He thinks you should have to pay taxes on them, too."

ObamaSpeak: Left is Right. Down is Up. Peace is War. Freedom is Slavery. No Tax is More Tax.

It's Orwellian. So very Orwellian.

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McCain says it and it is the greatest evil ever perpetrated on mankind. Fraudy says it and it is brilliant policy. McCain was such an idiot for not attacking Fraudy for the lying sack o shit he is.

And no charges of hypocrisy or flip-flopping accusations lobbed at Barry from his devout Cultists. Huh. I wonder why not? They managed to call attention to every flip flop done by Bush, Cheney and any other Repub or Conservative.

That fucking Coveted Free Pass is the Holy Grail for Liberals, isn't it?
Fraudy McLightworker is an asswipe. It sounds like he wants to tax people's health care so that the lazy ass people out there can have health care while they're enjoying their funemployment.

That he's adopting an idea of MCCain's that he rejected proves he cannot be trusted and his word means nothing. That's what I take away from the story.
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