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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Military Recruiter Killed In Arkansas

Well, I wonder if The Left will be denouncing the story below - the shooting and killing of a Military recruiter and injuring another - and as loudly as they are denouncing the shooting and killing of abortion Doctor George Tiller? (See post immediately below this one.)

Obviously the only person who would kill someone in the U.S. Military (besides a terrorist) is a crazed, LeftWing Liberal America-hating Nut Job.

From CNN News:

    An Arkansas man was arrested Monday in connection with a shooting at a Little Rock military recruiting center that killed one soldier and wounded another, authorities said.

    The 21-year-old man faces a first-degree murder charge and 15 counts of engaging in a terrorist act, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas said.

    The soldier who was killed was identified as Pvt. William Long, 24, of Conway, and the wounded soldier is Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville, Thomas said.

    Ezeagwula's injuries were not life-threatening, police Lt. Terry Hastings said.

    About 10:19 a.m., authorities were notified about a shooting at the Army/Navy Career Center, Hastings said. Arriving officers found that the two soldiers had been shot.

    Police believe that a man in a black SUV drove by and fired on the soldiers as they were standing outside, Hastings said.

    A suspect was arrested after officers saw a vehicle matching the description on a nearby interstate and pulled it over.

    Authorities searched the vehicle and found an assault rifle, Hastings said. A bomb squad was called in, as police were concerned about two bags in the vehicle, but no explosives were found, he said.


    The victims were just out of basic training and had not been deployed, said Lt. Col. Thomas F. Artis, commander of the Oklahoma recruiting battalion that oversees the Little Rock recruiting center.

Site of the Military Recruitment shooting.
Image reproduced citing Fair Use.

From FOX News:

    Police in Little Rock, Ark., say a man who likely had "political and religious motives" shot two new Army soldiers, killing one, at a military recruiting center.


    [Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings] said the suspect — described as a black male — immediately fled the scene in his SUV. The vehicle was stopped on Interstate 630 a short time later and the suspect was taken into custody approximately four miles from the center, Hastings said.

Liberals, Progressives, Pbama Cultists and the Insane Clown Posse (ILCP) love it when someone connected to the U.S. Military dies or is murdered. When they don't have an opportunity to kill someone in the U.S. Military, they settle for vandalizing and doing property damage to Military Recruitment Offices, just like the Berkeley Haters and Code Pink.

UPDATE via Hat Tip to Two Dogs:
It certainly seemed odd that the MSM was not releasing the name of the alleged shooter. We have since learned that the suspect is a Muslim (shocking!) named Abdulhakim Margahid Muhammad also known as Carlos Bledsoe, [who] is believed to have been specifically targeting military personnel.

Let's find out if if the suspect was born in the U.S. or if he is a legal or illegal immigrant.

A Muslim specifically targeting U.S. Military personnel. Hey, that's a great reason to bring Gitmo combatants into the continental United States, isn't it?


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Any news on this murderer that you have found?

Nope. So far the killer's name is as closely guarded a secret as is Barry's real (Kenyan) birth certificate.

Amazing...we know all about the guy who shot the abortion doc, but so far nothing about the guy who shot the Military recruiters.

But hey, no MSM or press bias, right?
Found it, Drake. Guess what we find out about the shooter?

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Not yet.........

Oh, what the Hell.

He was MUSLIM.
According Leftardic logic the only real baby killers are US soldiers. Tiller the Abortion Doctor on the other hand loved babies, well that is until he shoved a needle in their brains. Too bad Tiller didn't get a hold of the soldier killer just as he took his first breath twenty some years ago.
THANKS for that info TD. I updated the post, linked to the story and (of course) gave credit where credit is due: to you. You 'da Man!

Oh, I'm sure ol George the Baby Killer sucked the brains right out many Liberal babies. And that's always a good thing. ;-)
I am finding bits and pieces about him, he is a convert from about two years ago. I am assuming in a prison, but that is unconfirmed.

That would be par for the course, though.

It would be par for the course, you are so right.

I'm sure The Left and the MSM will do their damnedest to not mention his religion or the circumstances surrounding him.

Oh, but if he had killed an abortion doctor, we'd already know everything about him.

Or if he were Joe the Plumber.

Or Sarah, Todd or Bristol Palin.

Thanks for the info!
Dave, you raise a good point: we knew prety much everything about the Tiller's killr, but the same MSM has bend over backwards to shield the name muslim assassin.

No wonder that Fox ratings are dominating the scene

Yep. And we haven't heard the MSM use or endlessly repeat the words "semi-automatic" either.

But there's no MSM bias. No. None.
this is sick... my little brother went to basic training with this soldier.. he got murdered in his own country... how F'ED UP is that ...why do we have these scum filthy muslims living in our country..how can you live in a country and not be grateful there are people defending it and its freedom... i would torture this piece of vomit for hours upon hours... make him wich he could have some of the freedom he took for granite...this soldier hasnt even been to combat and he was murdered.. with his uniform on..i am empythetic to his family... and sorry this had to happen and i hope the murderer will die a slow painfull death. PFC APPLETON. camp casey south korea... 2-9 inf...e co
Thank you for your comment, PFC. Appleton. I appreciate them. It is no secret so very many in the U.S. Military have nothing but disdain for Obama.

Thank you for your service. Stay in touch and God Bless.
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