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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Michelle Obama's Icy Stare

The image above is from Reuters (reproduced citing Fair Use Section 107). It is Barack Hussein, Junior and Michelle exiting what I believe is the helicopter (or maybe Marine One...whatever) during their recent night on the town in New York.

The image below is from the same image, only I cropped it and added the inset of Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman. No alterations or Photochopping was done to the cropped image or the inset of Michelle:

Look at the contempt on Michelle's face for the Man in Uniform saluting her fraudulent husband.

Look at her icy stare. The contempt on her face. She is annoyed by his presence. She is aloof. Her face reflects hostility and anger. "Why does he have to be here," is what her look conveys.

Look at the inset. It screams, "Get outta my face!"

She can't even force a smile or express the smallest amount of gratitude to a Man in Uniform.

The man saluting is someone who, if he had to, would put his life on the line for her husband. He would take a bullet for the Fraudulent President. And The Dangerous Washerwoman has nothing but disdain for him.

Michelle Obama hates America and hates the U.S. Military. It is so obvious.


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That woman is absolutely as ugly as a mud fence, too.

The guy(s) saluting freaked me out there for a second. They look like one guy saluting with both arms, while yet another arm dangles by the side.

"a mud fence." Heh.

LOOK at that face! She is just annoyed and angry that "whitey" is standing in front of her. She is just filled with contempt. Her face says it all.
Looks like maybe it was just gas. Arugula gives Pickles the wind something fierce. I have no doubt she was about to let out a 30 second long horse fart with a chunky finish, but the saluting soldier kind of inconvenienced her. Nothing to do but pinch the cheeks together and tough it out until safely out of earshot. The soldier was lucky. Barry on the hand probably caught that barnyard blast full in the teeth with a hint of a queefy follow through.
I couldn't agree more.

She is either dead tired or hateful.

It's such a job being the first lady of America.

That doesn't give anyone the taste to go in the army.

with a chunky finish,

Jeebus Krist, I literally blew snot out of my nose laughing so hard at that line.

...with a hint of queefy follow through. OMG..LOL and shit my pants funny.

You realize if you did political blogging you would be the Number One antagonizer of the Libs. Oh how you would send them into writing fits of hysteria!

No other Republican First Lady could act like Pickles and not get bashed and raked over the coals from the Libs. Pickles, as does her hubby, gets that priceless Coveted Free Pass.

Reports are out there that reinlistment in the U.S. Military is down because no one wants to serve with Obama as Commander in Chief. No surprise there, eh?

Off topic, Tym, what happened this year to the Canadian NHL Teams? There's almost always a team in the playoffs but this season they were virtually off the radar. What happened? You can almost always count on Edmonton or Montreal being in it. What happened to them?

Edmonton and Montreal, you must be joking right? Montreal is a joke and barely made the playoff this year. Don't count on them to get one Stanley cup in the next 100 years, the medias are destroying them by putting too much pressure on the players to the point that even local Québecois don't want to play anymore for Montreal. What used to be a sense of pride and honor to be a Canadian player as become a money gig for Eastern European players.

This year, there was high high expectations on Vancouver, however, they disapointed us big time. However, Chicago diserved it and diserved a better faith against Detroit.

Go Pittsburgh go and just go!!!!!

No. Montreal was in the playoffs last year. And weren't the Oilers in the playoffs the season prior to the NHL strike? I dunno. Maybe my memory is failing me? ;0 It shouldn't, I am a relatively young man.

I was impressed with the Blackhawks this year.
Tym, yeah, it was the Oilers v the Hurricans in '06 and the Hurricans took the Cup.

source: http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2006/index
Hey look! A bucket of shit, lemme stir it!


Stir it up, you are DA MAN for stirring things up!
Actually yes, the Oilers have a more decent team but frankly 2006 was one of these lucky incident that makes the playoffs a wonderful season.

Montreal has last won the cup in 1993 and they were the last team to do it.

Canada would diserve 2-3 more NHL teams so let's move back the Phoenix team in Winnipeg, get the Nashville Preds in Hamilton and get Carolina team to move back to Quebec city so the Nordiques can ressucitate.

As for the current playoff match up, Pens won tonight woo hoo!!! Go Pens go. This team is full of good Québecois (french canadians) like Maxime Talbot, Pascal Dupuis, Marc-André Fleury, Philippe Boucher, Christopher Letang and Crosby, he is not French canadian although he can speak a fairly decent french but although from Nova Scotia (I believe), he played all his junior with the Oceanic of Rimouski, a French Canadian town on the South shore of the province of Quebec.

Has it been 1993? Time does fly.

I'd have to spend some time look at shuffling around the teams to move 2 or 3 more to Canada and how to do it. I think there's room to do some reshuffling in the divisions that might make for more interesting games.

Like: why are the Chicago Blackhawks in the Central Division but the MN Wild & Colo Avalanche in the Northwest?

Why is Dallas in the Pacific Division?

Oh yeah, but come on, Montreal is the all time record holder for the most cup wins, you gotta give 'em that. ;-)

Pascal Dupuis used to play for the MN Wild and I don't know why they let him go. He was a big fan favorite here, everyone loved him, and he played quite well.
Man, I seriously do not know much about TEAM ICE GOLF, but I do know that I attended a match/round/inning of it in Saint Louis where there were three black dudes on the court/ring/diamond at the same time. That was actually surreal, I thought black folks didn't like cold weather.

I know the beer cost >18 bucks for a 24 ounce wax cup full.

And I know that Lord Gretzky was never drafted.

Your state needs a professional NHL franchise. You would love it.

Black people do not play hockey. You must have been hallucinating. There is no such thing.


I'm signing off for the night.

"Oh yeah, but come on, Montreal is the all time record holder for the most cup wins, you gotta give 'em that. ;-) "

I sure give them that. I don't deny that glorious heritage and who would I be to do that.

I'm just saying this is all PAST glorious history and that unlike baseball, teams that buy championships with money are rare like Pope shit. Besides, Montreal would never be one of them, they don't know anymore how to spend money wisely in this field of outrageous wages.
@2 dogs,

Montreal got his black dude as well, Georges Laraque, Big Georges the fistfighter. He can even speak French as he got haitian roots and comes from Montreal.

A real "Québecois pure laine" (die whool)

Oh, all I meant is that Montreal has earned their share, but as you pointed out maybe not so much lately.

I just read something where there's a group trying to get a second franchise going in...I know Toronto (is that the talk of moving Coyotes there?) but I want to say Edmonton? I can't remember.
Hey, check this photo out of Pickles as she looks at France’s First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.



HolyShit! What a bitch! Huh? She has a chip on her shoulder the size of the Rock of Gibraltar.
And from that photo with Sarkozy, I can imagine her taking that chip from her shoulder and bludgeoning someone to death with it, if she hasn't already.
Oh, no doubt about it. She's a human tube of contempt, meaning, if you squeezed her, contempt would come out, just like squeezing toothpaste of its tube.
Yeah. She's not following in the footsteps of so many dutifully smiling First Ladies, is she? With their implacable smiles. Like children, they're to "be seen and not heard", right?

I applaud her. If she were a man, no one would give her facial expressions a second thought. You have no idea how your subconscious prejudices influence your thinking, do you? Until you realize how much of what you see and hear goes through those filters, it can't be said that you really think at all...
Just who in the HELL left the damn gate open on the moron corral? Anon 12:35 got out.

This shit is coming out of the paycheck of whoever left the damn gate open. I mean it.
Hi Anony at 12:35pm on June 8.

Thanks for commenting.

I enjoy toying with Blind Pbama Cultists like you. You realize you're braindead, brainwashed imbeciles who haven't bothered to scratch the surface of your Cult Leader. You accept what he says like it came down from the mountains carved into tablets. Hitler's followers behaved in the same way. (Hint, hint...)

Tell me, are you on record somewhere on the blogosphere registering your outrage over how The Left treated the Bush Daughters, the Palin children and the children of John Roberts?

Nowhere did I write "children are supposed to be seen and not heard." They're not even in the picture you dumb ass. The post doesn't mention the Obama children at all, only Michelles contempt for her country and a Man in Uniform.

You can't see that, though, can you, because you're too steeped in hatred for anyone who doesn't believe the same rhetoric that you do.

There is no subconscious prejudice here. I've Laura Bush or any other Republican woman behaved like Michelle, the would receive the same treatment from me.

You know nothing about me but yet to presume being able to judge me. I thought that LIBERALS WERE ABOUT DOING JUST THE OPPOSITE?

Thank you for again proving my point that Liberals are the most racist, narrow minded, uptight, divisive, childish group of people of the earth.
@ Tym and TD -

yeah, yeah, I know the NHL has had black players. I was being facetious in my comment. Hope you guys got that, I think you did.

Take a look at the Anonymous comment. Wow, full of judgment and moral standards regarding me. Isn't self-righteousness from a Liberal a rolling on the floor laughing moment?
TD @ 3:21PM

Sometimes I leave the gates open on purpose and publish the inarticulate ramblings from the Liberals and Cultists just so we can laught at them and mock them.

Go ahead. Mock and Belittle Anonymous.

I'll get it started by flaming it up a bit:

I bet the Anony commenter is a woman, but even if it's a guy, he's a CUNT.

There. Go at it my friend. Ad hominem attacks and name-calling is a requirement.
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