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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lunchtime With An Obama Family!
Mmmmmmm, Shit Sandwiches!

Image via America's Best

It's Lunchtime for the typical Pbama Cultist Family. Let's peek in and witness the event:

    Mom: Honey...lunch is ready.

    (Young) Daughter: Is is another Obama Shit Sandwich?

    Mom: It sure is!

    Daughter: Yay! I love Obama Shit Sandwiches!

    Mom: They are delicious and nutritious! We offer thanks to our Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior for providing us with such wonderful sustenance.

    Daughter: What's sustenance, mommy?

    Mom: Sustenance? Well, sustenance means support that keeps us going, that feeds us, like Obama Shit Sandwiches. Sustenance is food, it's nourishment. Dear Leader keeps us nourished with his wonderful shit sandwiches.

    Daughter: What did people eat before Obama Shit Sandwiches, mommy?

    Mom: Oh, back in what some Right Wingers call the good old days people ate hamburgers, steaks, fish, pork, seafood, fruits and vegetables that were full and rich with flavor and vitamins. For dessert people ate cakes, brownies, ice cream and things like that.

    Daughter: Were those things as good as Obama's Shit Sandwiches?

    Mom: Oh, honey, nothing is as good as Obama's Shit Sandwiches. Don't ever question this again or mommy and daddy will have to send you to Obama re-education camp for six months.

    Daughter: Mmmmmmmmm. I can't wait, I'm so hungry!

    Mom: Here you go! Don't forget to say grace and give thanks for the shit sandwich and all the other wonderful things Dear Leader His Excellency Obama has given unto us. He is our messiah, we bow, kneel and worship him. He can do no wrong. Neither he nor his policies are to be examined or questioned. Obama Families like ours blindly and obediently follow his orders like the mindless, unthinking, brainwashed Cultists that we are.

    Daughter: Mommy, my Obama Shit Sandwich has corn kernels in it!

    Mom: Those are kernels of chewy, enriched love from Prednint Obama, honey. They're good for you!

    Daughter: Can I have another Obama Shit Sandwich, mommy?

    Mom: (Laughs) Sure honey.

    Daughter: Why do we have to eat Obama Shit Sandwiches when he and his wife fly to New York and eat at a trendy hot spot?

    Mom: Don't say that, dear. Remember...I warned you about re-education camp!

Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) are completely blind, obedient and dutiful followers of their Fraudulent Pied Piper. They love them their Pbama Shit Sandwiches.


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Dude, this was nasty as HELL.

Wait, does this mean that you WANT to eat with the Obama's?
That is so disgusting. I was about to make a sandwich. I'm not feeling hungry right now. Thanks alot Dave.
Two Dogs,

Thank you...yes, it is nasty. It represents Obama and his Fascists.

No, no, no...I don't want to dine with the Pbamas. Jeebus NO!

Thank you too, for labeling it "disgusting." I aim to please.

You weren't really all that hungry anyway, were you? ;-)
Hey Dave! How many shit sandwhiches can I get with my $250 dollar stimulus check?
Mmmmm. Taste the shitty goodness laced with flecks of arugula. Be careful that it doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth though. The Fraudsiah wants you to get your full share.

Heh...I dunno how much Obama Shit $250 will buy. I'm guessing a great deal!

"flecks of arugula." Brilliant, as usual.

Seriously, again I say this: you need to start a political blog. You would have The Cultists writhing in agony!
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