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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Democrat Culture Of Death Evident
In Reactions To George Tiller

The Liberals are showing us exactly who they are, a group that embraces a Culture of Death.

Scott Roeder is the alleged suspect who shot abortion doctor George Tiller.

Out of nowhere, some on The Left are asking why Roeder, if convicted, won't receive the death penalty instead of life in prison.

Am I hearing this correctly? The Left is now a proponent of the death penalty? The Left has never supported the death penalty. Until now.

A Liberal icon - abortionist George Tiller - is killed. The immediate reaction from The Left is: "kill the killer!" Who knew The Left could spin a 180 so quickly? Well, almost everyone.

Here's some advice for Scott Roeder if he is convicted: take a page from mass murderer Stanley Tookie Williams and write a children's book. Apparently, the only requirement for redemption in the minds of Liberals is to write a children's book and then they will forgive you.

The Left is so righteous, so pious, so virtuous, so sanctimonious. So vile.

A caller to a Liberal Radio Talk Show said in order for Tiller to have performed over 60,000 abortions he would have had to do six or seven per day. Well, how difficult or time-consuming is that? Who has kept track of his weekly office hours? Do you suppose he was on-call and perhaps worked six and maybe sometimes seven days a week?

Here's the math and I'm rounding the results into whole numbers:

60,000 abortions divided by 30 years equals 2,000.

2,000 divided by 52 weeks equals 38 abortions per week.

38 divided by (let's use) six (days) equals 6.

What - it's not possible to perform six abortions a day? How hard is it? Inject a saline solution or suck out the brains and Tiller's work is done. He can move on to the next abortion.

He employed a staff who, presumably, handled and took care of the incidentals. All George had to do was kill the baby and then move on to the next one. Three abortions in the morning, break for lunch, and then three abortions in the afternoon. This is somehow mathematically impossible?

Another caller claimed "a majority of the abortions Tiller performed were on deformed babies." Well then, I guess this caller had access to all 60,000 patients' confidential records and is fully familiar with the details and intimacies of each and every one of them, including the ultrasound tests. I don't think so.

The Left is once again proving just how much they don't know and just how stupid they are.

This is what The Left does: Concoct their own set of facts, based on whatever they believe and then espouse their unconfirmed and fallacious conclusions as facts.


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One of the nastier thing that I've heard about planned parenthood is that it was founded by someone from the eugenics movement. Given the justifications of the baby killers, I'm inclined to believe it.

This amazing that the damned lefties make a hero out of a guy that got paid to suck the brains out of babies for decades, but yet when a couple of US soldiers get shot, and one gets killed by a Muslim terrorist who was on the terrorism watch list, they don't care. Those soldiers were better men than this baby killer was.

Are you perhaps thinking of Margaret Sanger? She was an early pioneer of abortion. She also made appearances at KKK meetings espousing her pro-abortion belief.

The Left really is treating Tiller as a hero, aren't they?

And virtually no mention of the Recruiters, one of whom was killed and the other injured.

No MSM or Liberal bias, though, huh?
Yeah. Margaret Sanger was who I was thinking of. I think she'd probably be right at home in Nazi Germany. Hell, I think most of the early twentieth century progressive would.

Yeah, I don't know much about Sanger, but what I have read, she was America's female equivalent of Hitler when it came to eugenics. Part of her mission was convincing pregnant black women to have an abortion. But she was a Liberal, so she's exempt from criticism.
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