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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

China Buys Humvee

More jobs and manufacturing lost to China. Heckuva job there, Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior - heckuva job.

From Biz Journal:

    General Motors Corp. has found a buyer for Hummer...


    And the buyer, The New York Times reports, is a machinery company in western China, the Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. Ltd., based in Chengdu. The Times cited an anonymous source after GM kept details of the deal very much hush hush.

Obama is gutting the American automakers. He's gutted American banks and lending and financial institutions. Next, he will attempt to gut our healthcare system. After that he will attempt to gut our abundance of food, farming and our ability to feed the world.

Obama is the antithesis of Midas. Everything Obama touches he devastates and wrecks. And this is his plan. Well, maybe not entirely his plan, but the plan of his Puppet Masters.


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GM's new Pelosi approved car. It's a peach.

Pelosie Approved Car.
That's funny. Damn, you would be killed instantly in a car like that in any type of collision.

And how the fuck is anyone supposed to tow a boat or snowmobile with that? Oh, wait, we're supposed to give those toys up, right?
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