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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Abortion Doctor George Killer Tiller Shot Dead

George Killer Tiller, a career long 30-year abortion doctor, was shot dead on Sunday. Times Online:

    A prominent provider of late-term abortions in the US was shot and killed as he went to church in Kansas yesterday, the latest violent reminder of an issue that has provoked much division.

    George Tiller, 67, had been shot before and his clinic bombed and picketed. One of the few doctors who still performed late-term abortions in the US, he had long been demonised by abortion opponents, who would demonstrate regularly outside his clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, in Wichita, Kansas.

    Police said that Dr Tiller was shot yesterday morning by an assailant as he perfomed [sic] his duty as an usher at the city’s Reformation Lutheran Church.

Reports are that the alleged shooter, Scott Roeder has a long history of suffering from mental illness. Times Online:

    George Tiller, a doctor against whom a vitriolic media campaign has been waged for performing late abortions, was shot and killed while serving as an usher at his Lutheran church in Wichita, Kansas. It is clear the suspect had no formal connections with any pro-life groups, which have condemned the murder. Alpha Mummy at Times Online has a passionate post about this terrible murder, for which a suspect, a man with a history of mental illness, is now being held.

George Tiller: No longer honoring the Hippocratic oath.
Future office hours to be determined.

While I certainly would not endorse the killing of a doctor who makes it his speciality in providing late-term abortions, I have to say, there is a certain delicious irony that he received what he practiced over his 30-year career; a premature death.

Killer Tiller knew what could happen to him. He knew for a long time the he may be a target. He knew the risks. He knew that what he did may provoke someone into killing him. Again, I'm not condoning the killing, but the doctor knew he was juggling lit dynamite with an ever shortening fuse. The only person who put his life in jeopardy was himself.

Tiller is no different than Nazi doctors killing the young who are infirm and the elderly in concentration camps. No different at all.

Karma and payback is such a bitch sometimes. Somewhere, aborted babies are high-fiving each other.


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Gosh, who do you think is going miss good ole "Coat Hanger" George the most? I vote Kathleen Sebelius. Maybe at his funeral she actually tell us just how much in campaign contributions she really got from Tiller....
Ohhhhh. His is a name to plug in at OpenSecrets and see to whom he donated political contributions. I'm going to look that up.

Great idea Theodore!
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