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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Gays Now More Privileged Than Others. Is This Discrimination?

On this
whole gay marriage-Prop 8-California Supreme Court ruling thingy:

Am I the only one who notices that now some gay people really are discriminated against? Some gay people really are Second Class Citizens. Yeah, they are. And they are Second Class Citizens due to their fellow married gays.

Some 18,000 gay married couples were grandfathered in - their marriage valid - when the California Supreme Court ruled and upheld Prop 8 with the caveat that those already married can stay married.

So now we have two separate classes: Gay married couples and gays who were DENIED marriage. This sure seems like INEQUALITY to me.

If equality is held to such a high degree by gays, and if they disdain discrimination as much as they claim they do, then the gay married couples should get divorced and not remarry until ALL their fellow gays can marry.

I haven't heard of any gay married couples getting divorced in order to protest the ruling by the Cali Supremes.

Do the gay married couples realize that they have become and represent what they formerly held in contempt? Because they are now enjoying the benefits of marriage that is being denied to their fellow gays. Oh, the Hypocrisy! Isn't if fabulous?

All you married gay couples...you're in a different class than your brothers and sisters who wanted to marry, but now cannot.

Will the married gays get a divorce in order to prove their solidarity with those who are not married? Gee, they sure would be hypocrites if they didn't, wouldn't they?

Irony is funny when it happens to Liberals, isn't it.



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