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Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama's Jackboot Thugs Forcibly Remove Reporter From Air Force One Press Area

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior has such empathy, doesn't he? Empathy. Empathy. Yeah, we've heard that word a lot lately since he nominated Sonia BolognaMayor for the Supreme Court. Empathy. Yes, empathy.

Here's how Obama's Jackbooted Goon Squad Thugs treat a credentialed reporter:

Photo AP. Reproduced citing Fair Use

From NBC L.A.:

    A reporter for a small newspaper was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One shortly before President Barack Obama arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to depart California early Thursday.

    Secret Service personnel remove Brenda Lee from near Air Force One after Lee attempted to give President Obama a letter, Thursday May 28, 2009, at LAX.

    Airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms as she protested her removal.

    She later identified herself as Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon and said she has White House press credentials. The newspaper's Web site says it is a monthly publication, and a Brenda Lee column is posted on it.

    Calls to the newspaper and the White House press office were not immediately returned.

    Lee said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press that she wanted to hand Obama a letter urging him "to take a stand for traditional marriage."

    She said she asked a Secret Service agent to give the president her letter, but he refused and referred her to a White House staffer. Lee said she refused to give the staffer the letter.

    "I said, 'I'll take my chances if (the president) comes by here,'" said Lee, who identified herself as a Roman Catholic priestess who lives in Anaheim, Calif. "He became annoyed that I wouldn't give him the letter."

    Lee, who was wearing what she described as a cassock, said she protested when she was asked to leave.

    "I said, 'Why are you bothering me?' They escorted me outside the gate," she said.

    She said security officers allowed her to return when she promised she would not yell or wave, but then other officers arrived and told her to leave.

    "I said, 'I'm not leaving,'" she said. "They tried to drag me out."

    Two officers then picked her up and carried her out. An Associated Press photographer photographed the incident.

    "I was afraid you could see under my clothes," she said, her voice choking up.

    Lee, who said this was the second presidential event she has covered, was later released.

Barry is quite the Fascist, isn't he?

Liberal radio and the Liberal MSM pundits (Olberwiener, Butch Maddox, et al) would be covering this story 48/14 (that's twice as much as 24/7) if the above incident had happened under a Republican President.

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Supplicants are not allowed to approach and speak to the Messiah or heaven forbid even look at the Messiah unless they plan to deliver a huge wad of cash that has been forcibly taken from taxpayers.
This kind of Facist treatment of a bonified press person scares me as it reaks of Hitler. I fear that the whole nation is in danger unless you totally support Obama without question as did the 'Brown Shirts' and Nazis. I fully believe that his election opened pandora's box and that before he is through we might not exist as anation anymore. If we do it will have been with great social, monitary and possibly human losses. however, he does not care! God bless America!
Molson, yes, only the pre-approved Marxists and baby killers can approach The Kenyan.

Can you imagine the screeching and screaming from The Left if Bush, Cheney, or any Repub president treated a memeber of the press this way?

I so agree with your words: "I fear that the whole nation is in danger unless you totally support Obama without question as did the 'Brown Shirts' and Nazis. I fully believe that his election opened pandora's box and that before he is through we might not exist as anation anymore."

I can't say it any better or add to your words. You summed it up accurately and perfectly. Thanks for commenting and visiting.
And Thank You, too, Molson, for your insightful and often humorous comments, and frequent visits.
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