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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama To Name Cyber Czar

What's with all this Czar shit and The Affirmative Action Prednint The Kenyan-Born-birth certificate hiding-Barack al-Hussein Pbama, Junior?

The Illegal and Illegitimate Prednint is gearing up to name a Cyber Czar. The NYT:

    President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a "cyber czar," a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation's government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan.

    The adviser will have the most comprehensive mandate granted to such an official to date and will probably be a member of the National Security Council but will report to the national security adviser as well as the senior White House economic adviser, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deliberations are not final.

Boy...if a Republican President named a Cyber Czar The Left would be screaming about eavesdropping, wire-tapping, illegal surveillance. It's "sooooooo Orwellian," they would say. "Big Brother is upon us," The Left would scream.

Remember this one thing, just this one thing: When the U.S. is hit with a cyber attack - and we will be - and it fucks up the entire country...remember who is at fault. Remember the person who is responsible. Remember who is the correct individual to target with blame:

This is the Fascist to blame.


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David, I cannot wrap my head around this administration. They simply HAVE to know that they are fucking everything up. There is no way that they do not know.

Czar is RIGHT.
I want to be the Blog Czar.

TD, the Fraud is intentionally doing all this. He's fucking us up deliberately. I don't doubt it for a second. Soros is pulling the strings.

It's going to take decades or maybe a century to dig out of the shit Barry will do. IF we survive his regime.
Barry "Stalin" Obama is now all jacked up on Internet.

Best of all luck to survive this regime.

I can't believe he's only been in office for a little over 3 1/2 months. Damn. It seems sooooooo much longer. Like we should be getting ready to hold another presidential election - that's how long it seems to me.
It's the same thing over here with our Quebec provincial prime minister Jean Charest.

He has been elected in last december 2008 and I can't wait til we get a chance to kick him out.

However, just like Pbama, people might as well still re-elect him in 2012, the people-ticking bomb working against us.

I think you don't like Minnesota state governer either, am I right? He is democrat or republican?

Would there be any way for Minnesota to separate altogether from the rest of the USA? Would there be sustainable economy or is it more like a welfare state?

Over here in Quebec lots of people want to separate but at the same time, still want to live like a welfare state who depends on the rest of the country.

How contradictory can some people be?

Btw, Chi-caca-go 1 Death-Roi (meaning King in French) 1

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty is a Republican. I have called him a RINO. He was one of McCain's primary cheerleader. While Pawlenty believes in fiscal responsibility and lower taxes, he also buys into man-made global warming and alternative fuels, so he has some Liberal tendencies.

MN is too full of Institutionalized (read "academic") Liberals for it ever to secede from the Union.

In some ways it sounds as if there are many similarities between MN and Quebec with the mindset of a welfare state (that Liberals would like to turn it into) and a population that leans conservative yet is outnumbered by the Institutional Liberals.
I just wanted to chime in since Chicago was mentioned. "Chicago" literally means "the SKUNK place."

That is all.
TD: Really? SKUNK place? I guess Windy City sounds better than SKUNKY City.

Thanks for the mentions in your posts last week. I just haven't had much time except to (often rushingly) update my blog and then log off. Just wanted to thank you.
Sorry, it is "At the skunk place."

Check it.And you're welcome, sir.
TD -

Nebish, Minnesota (of which I've never heard of) is "Leaf." I wonder if that also means "Spleef"? Heh!

That's a neat link. Thanks for it!
The English definition of nebish is a weak willed or timid person. It is a play on a Jewish word.

I have many friends that are that way, too.
Nebish...yeah...Woody Allen has used that word in his movies now that I think of it. It's a good word!
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