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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama Laughs At September 11 Jokes

September 11 is a field day to mine for humor, isn't it? Hoo-Boy...quite the funny day, no?

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Obama, Junior thinks it's funny. Sure he does. Watch him laugh in the below video. The punchline is that Rush Limbaugh was the 20th September 11 hi-jacker:

Wanda Sykes is proof that talentless cunts can achieve celebrity status. She couldn't have sucked or screwed her way into The Show Business because she looks like...well, she looks like last week's decaying, dried-out dog turd on your neighbor's lawn.

The White House had to issue a statement saying that Dear Leader did not laugh at the jokes. NewsVine:

    The White House is keeping its distance from an entertainer's joke comparing commentator Rush Limbaugh to a terrorist.

    Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs on Monday was asked for President Barack Obama's reaction to the joke by comic actress Wanda Sykes at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association dinner. Obama took part in the event.

    Sykes jabbed at Limbaugh for suggesting that he wants Obama to fail. She said Limbaugh's view was essentially the same as al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama bin Laden's. She suggested Obama might want to look into the matter "because I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker."

    Gibbs said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is a topic "better left for serious reflection than comedy."

Watch the video again. Is Pbama reacting with "serious reflection" or is he having a good time laughing it up?

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Thanks for the link, DD! Funny shite! Good to see a prez with the ability to laugh with correct timing! Can you say "Cy O Nair A" to Rush's bid for Veep-in-absentia?

Yer right about Wanda, too! She didn't make it on her looks. Next time you get the chance to hear her speak in a crowd, look around. Yes, everyone with a connected funny bone is laughing. Her best joke may be on you.
The Apologizer-in-Chief (to use an expresssion recently used by another conservative) has no class whatsoever.
The man is a disgrace.

Poor Gibbs is always the guy who has to come on and lie to the world about things we can *see* without our own eyes. First it was the bowing-in-submission (islam) to the saudi "king", and now poor Gibbs has to lie about Obango Junior's classless act.

Hey, Dave, here's a humble sugestion for a post: why not compare Gibbs with Baghdad Bob? Both seem to be fond on denying what everyone can see is the truth.

I am sure Gibbs' parents are like "This is why we payed his college? To lie to the americans?"
oh, and Wanda Sucks (not Sykes) is another black person taking advantage of the affirmative action Junior president to launch attacks against people who dare ot love america.

I have east indian and african origins, and things like this just embaress me greatly.

This people spend decades whinning on how they don't have a chance, and racism and whatever, but when they have the chance to make things better, they spend their air time being classless.

This is why I totally despise the mentality of some black democrats, and love the mentality of conservative blacks like Alan Keys and Mike Reese.

Now, those are two brothas with class.
High Strung, you're from News Vine, I take it? You're welcome for the link (if that's you, of course).

I don't think Rush has the slightest interest in running for office or being a politician. He's an entertainer. I quit listening to him 2 years ago during his non-stop self promotion over that Senator's letter over the 'phony soldier' outrage. The few times I've tuned into him, he's bitching about someone in the media who criticized him.

I've noticed this to be all too common in Conservative Talk Radio, with the host endlessly promoting himself (ala Hannity, whose radio show I cannot and will not listen to) to others who just can't STFU in talking about themselves. That is NOT why I like talk radio. I want to hear other people...the callers. If I want MONOLOGUE RADIO I'll listen to Rush or better, Hannity and his endless infatuation with himself.

Oy, guess I went off on a tangent.

Well, if you're Left of Center and found some common ground with me here, that's just wonderful and you have a sense of humor so that counts for so much. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Come back soon and often.

Gibbs is the Obama version of Baghdad Bob. Excellent observation! Ha! I love it!

How long before Gibbs is shoved out of his White House gig? Think he will last the year? I'm betting he doesn't. What do you think?
Mats, yeah, Wanda is guilty of reverse racism. Sorta...but she can use the crutch of her "stand-up" comedy routine as her "out". I dunno... I just find her another distasteful Liberal - like Sandra Bernhardt - who are intolerant of others, yet they claim they are so tolerant. They're not.

I wonder how many Gitmo detainees and enemy combatants Wanda will provide home, shelter and food to?

I have always like Alan Keyes for his stand on many issues. I agree with him more than I disagree with him. He is one smart guy.
Yeah, I wonder how many Gitmo "freedom fighters" will Wanda Sucks welcom at home.

oh, and I agree with your position on the 08 election. The Republican messed up by picking a man who wanted to "cros the isle" and meet with "progressives" on issues.
Things became so bad that even Ann Coulter said that, if john were to run against Hillary, she'd vote for Hillary!
If a strong conservatavie like Ann couldsn't even convince herself to vote for McCain, that spekas volumes.

The republican party messed up in picking McCain.

I have my eyes set on Jindal @|@
By the way, if you want to read great editorials on Obama with a Canadian-Jewish perspective, I invite you to tune into www.galganov.com. A good friend of mine and a true patriotic canadian.
I will ck out the site, Tym. Thanks for the tip!
I totally agree with Mats on the subject about when some Blacks are given an opportunity they spend it being classless but, not really in this situation. See I'm a African American who lives in Chicago... September 11th was a dark day in American history and I personally don't think it shouldn't be something to joke about under any circumstances. I just think Obama was having fun with the joke of a 20th hijacker even though I don't agree with that joke, that doesn't mean he was being classless.
Thanks for your input, Xavier.

Classless is a subjective judgment in this case, and I admit that.

But we remember the feigned shock reaction from the pretenders on the Left when W. Bush tried to have fun with WMDs at a press club dinner, looking and not finding WMDs under a sheet of paper, a dinner plate, whatever was part of his routine.

I hold all politicians to the same standard.
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