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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Obama "Discrediting Himself," Say Germans

From Spiegel Online:

    Many had hoped that US President Barack Obama would undo all the damage done by his predecessor. Now, it looks like he might continue the Bush-era practice of trying terror suspects in military tribunals. German commentators are disappointed.


    Not surprisingly, though, closing down Guantanamo has proven much easier said than done. Even those prisoners deemed not to be dangerous are creating headaches for Washington as the search continues for countries willing to take them. Domestically, opposition is large to an Obama administration plan to release a group of Chinese Uighur prisoners into the US.


    Many of the 241 prisoners, however, cannot simply be released -- and recent reports in the US media indicate that Obama may be grabbing for a Bush-era tool that he appeared to have jettisoned: military commissions. According to the New York Times this weekend, the Obama administration has begun leaning towards trying some of the remaining inmates in such controversial tribunals.

    Obama has never categorically rejected the military commissions as a means of dealing with Guantanamo prisoners, some of whom are accused of having been involved in the planning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US. During the campaign, though, he did say that "by any measure, our system of trying detainees has been an enormous failure."

    Any return to using such military commissions would be a major disappointment to human rights groups who were hoping that Obama's election signalled a new era in America's handling of terror suspects.


    "Obama's people certainly imagined things differently. But reality has caught up with them. What should they do with people who … are in fact horrifying criminals but whose confessions came as a result of brutal interrogations? No regular court would accept the testimony. Should suspected masterminds of the 9/11 attacks and other terrible attacks be set free? That can't be the solution either. Obama is thus considering holding on to the military commissions with a couple of extra rights for the suspects. Bush light, so to speak."

All Hail The New Führer.

I think all the Pbama Cultists have a duty to welcome into their homes, neighborhoods and communities all the poor detainees in Gitmo. After all, "they're fathers and mothers too."

Quick show of hands from the Pbama Cultists: how many of you are opening up your homes and neighborhoods to the detainees? How many of you will give them housing? How many of you will give them a job?

Huh...I don't see any hands being raised. This sure is puzzling.

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The Germans are correct in claiming Ofraudma is discrediting himself. He has done that everyday for years now. Too bad I don't see the Germans volunteering to take in these poor misunderstood caterpillar abused freedom fighters or maybe the Germans could propose a new type of detention facility. I hear they have some extensive past experience with building and operating detention facilities.
They should force all those in favor of shuting down Guatanamo bay to welcome in their home one of these terrorist or I say at least sponsor them like some people like to sponsor childs at World Blindness.
Not even pansy, muslim-loving germans like Hussein Junior.
Molson, honestly...what took the Germans so long to be disappointed in Barry?

We don't see too many other countries willing to take in those detainees, do we?

The Germans have extensive past expereince in building and operating detention facilties? I did not know that... ;-)

Yes! Where are all the pisspant Liberals willing to take these poor abused terrorists into their homes and neighborhoods? Where are they? One would think Liberal cities would be screaming to have the detainees relocated there. They can live next to Barbara Boxer, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rosie O'Moo, Joy Behar and Barney Frank. What gives.. they're not all that anxious to adopt a detainee?

The White House must have some spare rooms. The detainees should be welcomed to live there. Barry and Pickles shouldn't mind. Heck, the detainees can play with Sasha and Malia, right?

They can even feed that stupid dog who won't stop barking for nothing at night.

My suspicion is that he is barking at Barrack but that's just a wild guess.

Actually, I find that idea of seeking german expertise to build concentration camps is a very good idea. They happened to be fairly good at doing that in the 1940 especially OUTSIDE Germany. No one will ever know they helped USA in dealing with terrorist scum.

I heard Michelle talking about how the barking dog woke them up and they went to see what was up and the dog was just playing with one of his toys.

My question is: who believes her? Like she wouldn't have some lackey who would go and find out what's up with the barking dog. She is such a liar.

I love it, the dog was barking at Barack! Yes! HA! Good one!
Yeah, Dave, all them mussies should move in with President Hussein. Hey, they could perform hajj together, and pray 5 times a day together.

I wouldn't take what Mrs Hussein says too seriously. This is the the same woman who only became "proud of being an american" after her hubby ran for president.

My take is that after the americans wake up from the communist nightmare, and boot Hussein out of the WH, she'll get back in not being proud of being american.
Mats, I hope the Liberal Americans do wake up and see the truth and the facts rather than their hallucinations, but I can't hold my breath...they are Obama Cultists through and through.

Twice in the same day did Michelle give speeches where she said she was "not proud of her country" until her hubby became a prez candidate. Oh, shit...if Cindy McCain or Mrs. Romney had said that? The MSM would STILL be running the footage. The bias of the MSM is so obvious.

Question like this David, since you voted for a third party, do you feel that your vote would have been more useful for the Republican party and do you feel you've contributed to the election of Barack Obama?
Tym, great question.

No, I do not feel my vote would have been more useful for the Repub party. They did not earn or deserve my vote this time around. I did vote for the Repub in my congressional district race. I did not vote for McCain or to re-elect our US Senator Norm Coleman.

Do I feel I contributed to the election of Barack Obama? Again, no - the Republican party and John McCain have no one to blame but themselves for their loss.

I respect and admire McCain, but he's not a Conservative. That's why he lost.

Make sense? Am I wrong? You can take your shots back at me. I certainly don't mind you playing devil's advocate and such because you are a well-reasoned, objective intelligent individual.

The only time I disengage from debate is when the Moonbats appear here spouting their bullshit and antagonistic rhetoric.

Thanks for the answer, makes a lot of sense.

I think you might not be the only one that feels like this.

Things like that happen when there is a wave of leftism that pushes the right more to the left. I think that's happening too in Canada where Conservatives will be heavily challenged by our "Obama", the liberal, Michael Ignatieff.

Just out of curiousity, what was that third party you voted for (you don't have to answer this one though)?

I will be watching your Michael Ignatieff with great interest and see how his challenge develops.

I voted for the Libertarian candidate. Who was that...I don't even recall...Bob Barr. Yeah. I have my differences with Barr on certain issues as well, but I agreed with him more than I agreed with McCain.
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