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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Cultists Amazingly Mum On
Missing $9 Trillion Dollars

"$9 Trillion dollars? That's below my pay grade!"

This story is amazing.

January, 2005 saw Liberals - who later would mutate into Pbama Cultists - getting all Moonbat Batshit Crazy over $9 Billion missing dollars in Iraq. Oh, The Libs went insane, in the media, in the blogosphere, in the Op/Eds, in their public protesting. "Corrupt!" - they screamed at W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld...anyone connected to the Iraq War budget.

Then, January, 2009 saw $300 BILLION dollars missing, unaccounted for, in to-date bailout money. The Left, The Liberals and the Pbama Cultists registered no outrage because this bailout was designed and implemented by the Liberal members of Congress.

Now we learn that the Federal Reserve inspector general Elizabeth A. Coleman has no idea where $9 TRILLION DOLLARS HAS GONE. It just vanished...poof...gone. She's done ZERO INVESTIGATION OF THIS "missing" money. Well, it's nice to know we have a qualified public servant who maintains a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers in Federal Reserve Inspector General Ms. Coleman, yes?

How do you misplace or lose $9 TRILLION DOLLARS?

Oh, Dave, you are soooooooooooo exaggerating, you say.

Well, WATCH THE VIDEO. Ms. Coleman is totally, completely clueless and has no answers to the questions posed to her by Democrat Representative Alan Grayson.

Motley Fool asks, Who's Minding the Fed Store? Well, we know it's not Elizabeth A. Coleman.

    Rep. Alan Grayson asks Inspector General [IG] Coleman of the Federal Reserve some very basic questions of about various Fed programs and activities and gets nowhere. And the worse is that the IG isn't stonewalling, but instead is clearly completely clueless.

Remember how The Liberals reacted to the Enron debacle and how it affected the overall economy, investors and taxpayers? Remember how outraged the Libs were? It's amazing that $9 TRILLION dollars of our money receives the Coveted Free Pass from the Pbama Cultists.

Oh...but damn...that $9 Billion in Iraq...under W. Bush...the Libs sure latched onto that like a leech latching onto your shin.

But $9 Trillion unaccounted for and missing? No big deal to the Pbama Cultists. It's just another tool to bring us closer to Marxism. Has anyone checked the bank accounts of Pbama's Puppet Master György Schwartz George Soros? That would be the first place I'd check.

György Schwartz


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