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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama Continues Military Tribunals:
Another Reversal, Another FlipFlop Lie, Another Broken Campaign Promise

What's this...? The Affirmative Action Warmongering Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior continuing - basically - in the same manner as George W. Bush regarding Military Tribunals?

Oh my...The Pbama Cultists' stomach acid must be at epic overflowing proportions.

Obama getting criticism from friends. al-Reuters:

    Suddenly, President Barack Obama is getting criticism from his friends and praise from his opponents -- evidence of how hard it has become to move past George W. Bush's legacy on detainee policy.

    Instead of focusing exclusively on Obama's efforts to fix the U.S. economy this week, Washington instead has been fixated on dramas involving interrogation procedures and detainees.

    * Obama's decision on Friday to continue for now using the Bush policy of setting up Guantanamo military tribunals to try terrorism suspects drew fire from his allies on the left.

    "No amount of tinkering with their rules can fix this discredited system. The commissions -- which President Obama has himself described as an 'enormous failure' -- should be scrapped," said Rob Freer, U.S. researcher at Amnesty International.

    On the other hand, Obama was getting praise from people who are usually highly skeptical.

    "I am pleased that President Obama has now adopted this view," said Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee last year, who lost the election to Obama.

Way to rub a little salt in the wound, Senator McCain! Bwa ha ha! Love it!

"He's NOT my Führer."

Obama condemned for announcing return to military tribunals. The Telegraph:

    The trial process, set up by his predecessor George W. Bush for fighters captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan in late 2001, was attacked by human rights organisations because it barred defendants from many of the rights they would have in a civilian courtroom.


    It was the latest decision by Mr Obama to bitterly disappoint his anti-war supporters on the left. Earlier this week, he announced he would fight the release of up to 2,000 photographs of alleged abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan – after previously saying they would be published.

Obama revives Gitmo tribunals. ABCNet:

    Human rights groups and military defence lawyers are stunned by what they see as a betrayal [from Obama].

    Jonathan Hafetz, a national security lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union, says suspected terrorists should be tried in the criminal court system.

    "I think none of the changes that Obama's administration are proposing will or can make military commissions valid or can give them the legitimacy that's necessary when we try individuals who are suspected of terrorist crimes," he said.

    "What the Obama administration should have done is to end the military commissions rather than trying to revive this failed experiment and bring those who we want to try into the regular federal court system."

    Lieutenant Commander Brian Mizer, who defended Osama bin Laden's driver Salim Hamdan, says the decision is "disappointing".

    "President Obama, during the campaign, said this process was a failure. I think by any measure it has been a failure," he said.

Obama disappointing some of his most loyal Pillow-Biting Cultists and hardcore members of The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) ! I love it! It's funny!

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More proof of Barry's criminality. Impeach! Indict! Incarcerate!

Affirmative Action President Obango Hussein Junior is a war criminal. I hope to see rap singers attacking him, and Olberman saying that he has to go.

Stay tuned for Michael Moore's film about Obango.
Molson, I second your motion! And I don't think it would take any arm-twisting to have Mats "third" it!

Chubbs Moore is doing a movie about Pbama? No..... really?
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