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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Obama, Biden Eat Burgers In Hell

Awwwwwww, TweedleDipShit and TweedleAssHat went out for burgers. Why, they had a play date! Isn't that sweet! From UPI:

    U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, jonesing for burgers, dined out and treated some of the White House press corps to lunch Tuesday.

    The daily schedule said Obama and Biden were to dine in the Oval Office, an event closed to reporters. But the top two U.S. leaders opted to eat out instead, traveling to Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Va., with press vans in tow.

    Obama, waiting his turn in line with Biden, turned to the pool and said, "Who's taking orders here? My treat to the pool."

    "Who wants a burger?" the commander in chief asked, tasking a reporter with taking lunch orders.

    The five reporters who took Obama up on his offer said they'd donate to a charity in lieu of trying to reimburse the president.

    Obama's lunch was under debate -- did he order a plain cheeseburger or Swiss mushroom burger? Biden ordered a Swiss cheeseburger with jalapeno peppers. Obama and Biden power-lunched indoors while the press corps waited outside.

    "You guys are cheap dates," Obama told the reporters. "I can't believe I couldn't get more of you to order a burger."

Oh yeah, the press corps is cheap.

Cheaper than the charitable donations made by the Obamas?

Cheaper than the charitable donations made by the Bidens?

I doubt it.

Barry is quite the Big Spender...well, not of his own money. And Herr Biden? Shit...he still has his Confirmation money in an interest-bearing account.

APee reports that both Pbama and Herr Biden "fetched cash" from their pockets to pay for the burgers which cost $6.95 each.

Wow. Forking over $7 bucks for a burger...whew! Can Pbama and Herr Biden afford that?

Pbama and Biden are doing all they can to jumpstart the economy, aren't they?

Subtract the expenses incurred for Secret Service protection, transportation and other costs - all paid for by the taxpayer - and this little burger jaunt must have resulted in a net negative. This fits right in with Pbamanomics, deficits are good, even for a "power lunch."


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Aren't burgers made from formerly real live furry critters with a face strictly verbotten in the New Age Liberal Fuckfest agenda? The horror. The horror.
And didn't Gore or the global warming alarmists say eating beef causes global warming because it makes people fart?

It's unfortunate they didn't get a mild case of E.coli from the burgers. That would have been funny!
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