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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Michelle Obama Wears $540 Sneakers
While Volunteering At Food Bank

Oh, Those Obamas...Barry and Michelle...they are just so down to earth and real. They just paid off their student loans! They're just like regular average Americans. This is the usual false portrait painted of the Pbamas by the Loyal Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP).

Bullfuckingshit. The Obamas are the worst kind of Elitist Limo Liberals.

Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman Obama was caught wearing $540 sneakers while she volunteered at a Washington D.C. food bank. WowOWow:

    The shiny sneakers Michelle Obama sported Wednesday while volunteering with Jill Biden at a Washington, DC, food bank have become all the rage. The plum and silver shoes, built with suede, were made by the high-end French design house Lanvin. The shoes, which will run you $540, also come in satin and denim.

$540 for those ugly things?

I wonder how many meals for the hungry and the homeless $540 would buy?

Oh...if Laura Bush had committed this offense...


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Hey Michelle! Ever heard of Payless?
Just like all rich fuck whiney liberal pricks. They live in mansions. Pollute like crazy. Loves wars when their guy is in charge. Rake in $100 of millions at the expense of the poor through embezzlement, fraud, special favors, and outright corruption. What a charade. Screw them. Impeach Barry now for war crimes, failure to uphold the Constitution, and corruption! The list of impeachable offenses grows every day.
I think Michelle ma belle (sarcastically speaking but a blink to the Beatles) got screwed big time on buying those shoes.

Just because you're millionnaire, some greedy seller will sell you crap for 10 times the price he or she would charge to someone from the middle class.


Groovy, Molson, Tym...

now that I look closer at them, they look like an ordinary pair of Chuck Taylors! Don't they? I wonder if they were stitched together by some 7 year old child in Thailand? Does anyone know where the maker Lanvin has their labor plants??
Ahh... Mrs Hussein Junior still reveling her "class", isn't she?
If a republican had done this, MSM (Muslim Suporting Media) would be all over it.

She's a classy one, isn't she?

Oh, damn...the MSM would be covering ShoeGate 24/7 is it had been Laura Bush or Cindy McCain: "The first lady appeared at a voluteer food bank WEARING $540 DOLLAR SNEAKERS!!!!!!"

LeftWing Radio and MSM would be in batshit crazy overdrive mode. You are so correct.
Heck, the MSM freaked out when they learned that Laura Bush was a lesbian.

But they did not know what do think of that, did they?
WHAT? Laura Bush is a lesbian? First I heard of it! Where was Chrissy Matthews on this story? LOL!
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