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Friday, May 22, 2009

Michelle Obama Says Everybody
Needs A Personal Assistant

On May 7, 2009, Michelle Pickles Obama - The Dangerous Washerwoman - speaking before a group of business executives, said. WaPo:

    "I have a chief of staff and a personal assistant, and everyone needs that."

Ha ha ha, oh, she is a comedian, that Pickles, huh? See...she is so busy and overwhelmed with hating America she needs a chief of staff and a personal assistant.

You have to admire and respect someone who has lived a privileged life, gotten where she is solely because of Affirmative Action and who her husband is and someone who simply disdains the working class average Americans.

Her statement surprises no one. She is the one who wore $540 dollar designer sneakers during her short stint as a volunteer at a food bank.

Michelle Pickles Pbama Yearbook Photo:

Even then you can easily see the look of entitlement in her face and tell that she was never proud of her country.

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Poster child for PMS. Pbama be whipped.
"Poster child for PMS!"

You have to flag up a warning on lines like that so I don't spit water - or heaven forbid a nicely mixed rumandcoke - out of my mouth.

Barry must be whipped. And if he's not, he always has his butt buddy Mike Signator to hook up with.
Nice picture of Pickle indeed.

Nice nickname also.

If we did not have Obama and Pickle as USA royal couple, imagine the ton of fun we would all miss.

Thanks to the royal couple, always right on target to make us laugh.
I clicked on the link and I saw a robe ugly as hell with 10 000 colors in it.

Not my type at all.

I had to mention it, sorry.

Yep. Pickles. Because The Left called Laura Bush "Pickles." Pickles being the name (or nickname) of the wife of Buddy Sorrel (Morey Amsterdam) in the old Dick Van Dyke Show. (My trivia knows almost no bounds, and no, I am not bragging about it...I wish I DIDN'T know stuff like this). ;-)

Don't you love her robe? wtf...it looks like a bed sheet.
I want to know who her fashion designer is. Those close are hideous. They aren't as bad as the ones that the dress that they made out of the White House curtains, but still, the Klingon needs a better fashion designer.

Oh, and why the heck does she need a chief of staff, and the staff that falls under that chief?

She is an America-hating Elitist. And her hubby stole the election. I think that's why she needs a Chief of Staff and personal assistant.

But wait...Grandma Pickles is living in the White House. Can't she chip in with the chores? Oh, silly me...asking questions I know the answer to.

With such a wardrobe, I think she can get ahead with doing the dishes, washing the toilets and all other chores the white house needs.
She should be cleaning the toilets in the White House, Tym. I agree!
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