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Saturday, May 16, 2009

GM Moves To China

General Motors plans to manufacture cars in China and sell them in...'ga 'head, guess...guess...guess where they plan ta' sell 'em, 'ga 'head - guess. That's right. In the U.S. NZ Herald:

    General Motors plans to sell cars in the United States that it makes in China, starting in 2011. That could make GM the first major automaker to import Chinese cars to the US market.

    The carmaker expects to sell about 17,335 of the China-made vehicles in the US in 2011, and triple that number to 51,546 in 2014, a planning document circulated by GM among US lawmakers showed.


    The UAW has criticised GM's restructuring plan because of its envisioned increases in US sales of cars made overseas.


    "GM should not be taking taxpayers' money simply to finance the outsourcing of jobs to other countries," a letter to senators from UAW legislative director Alan Reuther said.

I guess someone forgot to tell Mr. Reuther that it is his beloved Marxist-Pro Union Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior who killed the "buy American" clause in the stimupork. Politico:

    [Obama's February, 2009 trip to a Caterpillar manufacturing plant was] the perfect backdrop to highlight Obama’s change of heart on controversial “Buy American” provisions that require government-funded projects to use only U.S.-made materials.

    ...the [president campaigned on] “Buy American, Vote Obama” ads in labor-heavy states[.] [...] But citing the economic crisis, he now says he supports a watered-down version of the Buy American provisions contained in the House and Senate stimulus bills.

    Obama said his reversal was prompted by concern that tough Buy American requirements ultimately could spark international trade wars.

And in case anyone is mistaken or, in the case of you Pbama Cultists in the deepest denial, allow me to take the opportunity to remind you that it was the Liberal Mouthpiece TPM site that proudly chest-thumped Obama in August of 2008 as the "Buy American" candidate. TPM:

    The Obama camp is pushing a new theme in Pennsylvania tomorrow -- it's called the "Buy American, Vote Obama" campaign.

    Here's the new logo, to be unveiled tomorrow and to appear on stickers and flyers in select towns around the state:


    Obama's Pennsylvania campaign, the aide says, will be hitting the ground this weekend in around five towns around the state with stickers and flyers bearing the above "Buy American, Vote Obama" logo.

That sure is a lovely logo you have there, Mrs. Cleaver, Mr. Pbama.

Well, Barry got what he wanted from the lunkheads who believed his "Buy American" rhetoric. Another broken promise from The Kenyan, but the Pbama Cultists aren't counting or keeping track. I wonder why?


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Barry says buy Chimerica! Cultists wet their pants with glee.
You have to love that "Buy American, Vote Obama" logo, eh? I love how this kind of shit comes back to haunt and taunt His Fraudulence. Fucking lying piece of Liberal Shit.
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