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Monday, June 01, 2009

General Motors Bankruptcy

There was a time in our nation's past where you would have been deemed clinically insane for saying that
General Motors will file bankruptcy.

If we've learned one thing from The Left, it is that precedent and events that lead up to something don't matter.
All that matters - to The Left - is who is in charge; who is at the Top. The person at the Top is Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

GM's bankruptcy occurred on Obama's watch. Whatever contributing events that ultimately pushed GM into bankruptcy are irrelevant. Remember, according to The Left, W. Bush inherited nothing but sunshine and lollipops from the Clinton Admin. The Left allowed nothing to be blamed on Clinton's tenure after January 20, 2001.

Even though it was during much of the Clinton years that Enron was involved in its financial shenanigans, Enron filed bankruptcy in December 2001. Somehow, The Left - using the best of Josef Goebbels' twisted ideology that if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it - convinced too many gullible Americans that Enron was the fault of W. Bush. Most of Enron's wrongdoings occurred under the watch of the Clinton Admin.

The same standard of not blaming the previous Admin applies to Pbama. The Left and the Pbama Cultists cannot push blame for the GM bankruptcy onto the Bush Admin.

The GM bankruptcy is wholly owned by Obama.

This is the mode of transportation Barry will ultimately have all of using.
He and his fellow Marxists will still have their motorcades. Elitists exempt themselves.

Reproduction of Tricycle image used with permission from Don Long at The Shaved Ape.

GM's bankruptcy occurred during on Obama's watch. This should be an unrelenting Talking Point for Conservatives.

GM's bankruptcy is another Silver Platter being handed to Republicans and I have complete faith in them that they will fumble this issue, as they do with every Silver Platter handed to them.


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So where does the catalytic converter go?
Molson, HA HA HA! No shit. Up Barry's ass? Wait, Mike Signator already has that space reserved, doesn't he? ;-)
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