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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fascist Obama Detains Ashton Lundeby

The Fascist who stole the White House, Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior has detained a 16-year old for over two months.


Ashton Lundeby held for two months, so far not charged with anything. AC:

    Ashton Lundeby has been held in a Federal detention center in Indiana for 2 months without being charged with a crime or afforded due process. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents stormed his home that night, insisting that he had made several bomb threats from his computer including one to Purdue University on February 15 at 9:05 Central time (10:05 ET in North Carolina where Lundeby lives).

    Lundeby has multiple witnesses that will verify that he was at Union Chapel Church with his family until after 9 p.m. ET that evening. Union Chapel Church is 35 minutes from the family's Oxford, North Carolina home. On the way home that evening, the family stopped at a grocery store to buy cat litter- a stop that could be verified not only by his mother but presumably by store receipts and store employee witnesses. Mrs. Lundeby says they arrived home just after 10 p.m. and her son went straight to bed without turning on his computer.

    The FBI contends that a bomb threat was made at 10:05 North Carolina time from Ashton's computer. They searched the family's house and found no evidence of bomb making paraphanalia.

    Ashton's friends provided information to the FBI on a local who had previously used Ashton's IP address in making crank calls. In an interview with Pro Liberate, Mrs. Lundeby confirmed that a hacker has been harrassing the family. A 911 call sent the police into her home searching for drugs prior to the bomb scare arrest, something she attributes to a malicious hacker one of her son's friends has identified by screen name for investigators.

    Nevertheless, Ashton was detained without charges, with minimal access to his family, and with his Constitutional rights stripped bare. He is detained on the basis of "good faith" beliefs on the part of the investigators, as permitted under the Patriot Act, rather than the normal legal standard of "probable cause" to suspect his commission of a crime. The complaint against him is subject to a gag order, so the prosecutor isn't talking about the case. A hearing is scheduled for May 27 but Ashton's mother says it has already been pushed forward several times.

    Mrs. Lundeby says that for three of the weeks of her son's detention she was refused the right to speak with him with authorities providing no explanation.

    The use of the Patriot Act to detain an American teenager without charges and without the right to have the complaint against him aired in a public forum has generated an internet backlash against the Patriot Act and specifically its inconsistency with the U.S. Constitution.

    Look up "free Ashton Lundeby" online, and the entries are increasing.

    Lewrockwell.com contends that the Feds are holding Lundeby for leverage. Appearing to have no case against Lundesby, the Feds continue to hold him pursuant to the Patriot Act "to terrorize Ashton and his family into a plea bargain that would preserve the State's sense of infallibility and reinforce by precedent its ability to terrorize citizens at random."

    Words like Stalinist, gulag, and persecution are seen with frequency in discussion of the the Patriot Act's application to Ashton Lundeby.

Now, I know what you pissant Pbama Cultists are going to say; you're going to say the Patriot Act was W. Bush's idea. So what? Lundeby WAS ARRESTED UNDER AND DURING THE PBAMA ADMIN! See, it all starts with the person "at the top." That person is responsible for everything - we know this is true because that's what The Liberals told us for the past eight years. And that person is not W. Bush anymore now, is it?

This is the work of the Pbama Administration and his Federal Jackbooted thugs.

The Feds were expected to show tolerance to the RNC terrorists and those plotting to bomb the RNC. They were treated far more humanely by W. Bush than Ashton Lundeby is being treated by Pbama.

And some people Pbama Cultists wonder why I PhotoShop images like this?

This Fraudulent Fascist is NOT my Führer!


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The kid was calling and making bomb threats and apparently his mom was complicit in this--this has to do with a Federal law that goes back to the thirties--not the patriot act. After 9-11 people should know better than to do this kind of prank call. Stupid kid and stupid mom get no sympathy from me.
Well, I have not heard or read anything of which you allege. Nothing you wrote justifies allowing the RNC protesters to do the damage they had planned, does it? Yet they were not arrested prior to their acts and Lundeby was.

You're another anonymous Liberal who comments here, bereft of facts and out of total idolization to Obama. Am I correct?
No--I'm someone who believes that people should be held accountable for their actions under the law. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. His mother knew what he was doing--since he is a minor, perhaps he should be charged?

And another thing--since it was the BUSH administration who actually passed the Patriot Act--I fail to see where Obama comes into play at all.
I agree people should be held accountable for their actions.

There may be some culpability on the part of his mom, since he is a minor.

Obama is holding and detaining Lundeby illegally. Does it matter under which president the law originated under? Would you blame a law or act implemented under a previous president for what a current president does? That's outrageous and absurd.

Let's say president "X" is the current president and he or she illegally detains someone under FDR's Public law 503 that enabled him to hold and imprison Japanese Americans without justification. You're going to blame FDR for that? That's just crazy.

You're in Norfolk, VA? That whole long oceanside strip of land and beach is a very nice area.
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