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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't Worry...Obama's In Charge!

* North Korea tests nuclear weapon 'as powerful as Hiroshima bomb'. The Guardian

* Iran makes unprecedented move in sending warships into Gulf of Aden. Reuters

* Six million union auto-workers may lose their jobs. Bloomberg

* The U.S. economy will continue sinking deeper into a recession for the rest of this year. The Telegraph

* The dismal U.S. economy is dragging down Mexico's economy. WSJ

* The price of a barrel of oil continues rising. Bloomberg

* U.S. jobless rate likely to surpass that of Europe's. The NY Times

* Average age of U.S. Soldiers killed in Iraq over the last 11 days is 32 years of age. Salem News

* 34 Iraqi civilians wounded in suicide bomber attack. Alsumeria News

* NATO soldier and 20-30 civilians killed in Afghanistan. Earth Times

* Hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced in Pakistan. AFP

But don't worry.

We're in good hands, aren't we?

Because Barry's In Charge...

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You're an idiot. Most of what you attribute to Obama is all due to Bush and Cheney's corrupt eight years. It will take Obama to undo their atrocities.

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Please write again, as you can tell I really care about what your mundane sputterings.
Great comment, DD!

Democrats have the idea that since their side won the election that they no longer have to provide logic and wisdom to their arguments. Just whining blame will do. (If you are MSNBC or CNN, this actually does suffice)

It was interesting this morning that the President chose to go through with the Supreme Court nomination announcement. This changes the subject from the alarming developments in North Korea. The DPRK chose to again challenge Obama's weakness, so the Chosen One simply decided to change the subject.

In the hours that followed DPRK's nuclear test, Team Obama uttered some unbelievably ridiculous statements (outlined at: http://firstconservative.com/blog/political-humor/political-humor-north-korea-and-president-obama )

To keep damage to a minimum, Team Obama decided to launch the Supreme Court media frenzy to keep the media's focus off Korea.

Thanks for the lawn care tips, Dave. Good response to the anonymous troll.
"Iran makes unprecedented move in sending warships into Gulf of Aden."

Barry and his entourage have made a pledge to be friendly to all islamic and communist despots out there.

This is supposed to protect and insure our security in our homeland.

Yeah right, only leftists idiots are to believe such gibberish.

I did not get that lawn advices, it sounded weird, dizzy and drugged out.

Maybe it's because Pbama smoked too much weed that USA are in such good position vis-à-vis the canadian dollar.

Canadian eh? Best regards,


Team Obama is doing everything it can to cover up its failure of containing Kimmy, I fully agree!

Thanks for the kind words on my comment to Anony. But hey, lawn care is important! ;-)

Aerate! Aerate the lawn every few years! And watering. Watering is vitally important!

Thanks for the encouragement!

I am often dizzy and bong-hitted out prior to writing this blog. Have I not been clear on this? ;-)

Not really...
...well, every once in a while.

American homeland secuirty is in jeopardy under Obama. The whole North American continent is, really. Even Arabic appeasers are beginning to see Obama as an enemy to them.

I just try to have some fun here. Every once in a while I make a point...sometimes by accident! ;)
Ah DD. I see you have had another infestation from a trollbama. Funny how the trollbamas seem to forget Barry is the Leader in Theft not Boosh. Barry has stolen more in a few months than Boosh Co stole in eight years. Barry is the biggest LPOS to ever fill a skin sack. You know DD, you really are too kind to the trollbamas. I believe the only thing to do with a trollbama is invite it to attempt self-copulation and die.

The trolls are fun to play and toy with - and the PROVOKE THEM EVEN MORE! (heh).

I'm too kind to the trollbamas, huh? Well, I will work on that. I did call commenter "Rhonda" (on some other post way way back) a cunt in my reply comment to her. I will try to do more of that.
You may have to wait on burning one before fragging the trollbamas. It mellows you out too much. No rum and Cokes either. OK. OK. I know. That is just going too far. DD you do one the finest jobs of fragging leftards of anybody on the internets. Although occasionally you are amazing polite and tolerant of a particular leftard. Other times you bring the heat and let the leftard catch it full between the eyes. Those times are the best.
Molson, I will try in the future to treat the LiberTrolls in a much more mean-spirited manner. It IS FUN, I know.
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