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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

California Supreme Court Upholds Constitutional Ban Against Gay Marriage

As The Liberals like to say when a ruling goes their way, the ruling by California's Supreme Court to Constitutionally ban gay marriage is, "DEMOCRACY IN ACTION."

On Tuesday, the Cali Supreme voted BY A 6 TO 1 RATIO - - - SIX TO ONE! - - - to uphold Prop 8 which is what the VOTERS in California supported in the November 2008 election.

From FOX News:

    The California Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld same sex marriages that were already performed but upheld voters' rights to ban gay marriage through the state constitution.

The Supreme Court ruling is DEMOCRACY IN ACTION! A majority of the Cali citizens voted to support Prop 8 and add a constitutional amendment that marriage is between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court of Cali upheld it. THIS IS DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!
The gays are angry. Well...that's just too darned bad there, Drama Queens!

Actually, I am neither for nor against gay marriage. I do not accept the premise given by gay people promoting gay marriage.

I am against the rationale given by those who support gay marriage, often their scenario being if one partner is comatose in an emergency room then the other partner may be shut out of, and refused visitation rights - and other rights - by the family of the comatose patient.

All the reasons given in support of gay marriage can be easily accomplished with each partner giving the other partner Power of Attorney. It's as simple as that. And this is why I do not accept the premise given by gays as to why they should be entitled - and yes, it is an entitlement - to marriage.

The other part of the argument is gay people comparing what they believe is discrimination to discrimination during the struggle for Civil Rights. To say gay people experience the same discrimination that Blacks have experienced is just a slap in the face to those who fought for Civil Rights. It should be an insult to every Black person that gay people have the audacity to compare their "discrimination" to the discrimination experienced by Black Americans. There is no similarity at all.

Look...nobody can hide their skin color. But no one knows if you're gay, straight, bi or whatever. And no one is asking you to hide your preference. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU'RE GAY OR STRAIGHT BY YOUR APPEARANCE. (Well, other than the really flamboyant crowd.)

You will notice that when Prop 8 passed - overwhelmingly passed by the voters of California - The Left took their angst out on the Religious Right. I find it amusing that The Left never took their angst and rage out at large the voting bloc of Blacks and Latinos who supported Prop 8. Why is this? The Left will easily attack and commit property damage on places of worship and people of faith, but The Left made sure they did not criticize the large Black and Latino crowd that supported Prop 8. The Left wouldn't be afraid of them Blacks and Latinos now, would they?

There is no discrimination against gay people. It doesn't exist. If it does, it exists only in the mind of the person who wrongly perceives it. And it's all in the perception. In my life I've encountered a couple of guys who, on the surface, seemed to me to be gay. They weren't. They were married and had children.

Perception is not always true or accurate. Misperception is almost always false and unfounded.

I don't care what two - or even three or four - consenting adults do in the bedroom. But don't try to play the Discrimination Card as a reason to legalize gay marriage. It's a false and phony premise.

The majority of people in California voted for supporting Prop 8. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

The gays did not like WHAT THE PEOPLE HAD TO SAY, so they challenged it. The Cali Supremes did their job and SUPPORTED THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. This is DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

It's sweet when Liberals get a taste of their own medicine (and again, that would be DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!) I love it. I just love it.


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I'm I one of those guys you encountered? Ha! How are you, buddy? Haven't heard from you in a long time. I'll try to drop you a line tomorrow.
PRaise God!

I will say it again, praise the Almighty!

The blue-est state in the union voted to ban sodomy as a "civil right".

President Junior must be shaking in his kenyan boots, now that he sees that traditional marriage (agreeded by most americans) goes against his marxist nonsense.

Another godo post!

I hope you don't mind me linking to some of your articles. I'll make sure to point the original place so that you receive the credit for what you do, because it is written "Worthy is the hireling of his wage" (Luke 10:7)

Oh, and having african roots myself, I feel a sense of pride and seeing that, despite all the self-made problems that african-americans have, they still are (at least nominaly) in favor of traditional marriage.

Praise God!

No, you're not one of those guys I thought might be gay. You don't dress sharply enough for that. (joke).

Grab a 55 gallon drum of Mazola and come on over. :p

Thank you kindly for the nice words.

It is an eye opener that the bluest state voted to uphold traditional marriage, isn't it?

It really is Democracy in Action and now The Libs don't like the results. There is no end to their hypocrisy.
Speaking of the constitution...



"bear arms." HA HA! I like that! That is very good!
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