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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sasha Obama's Baby Bump?

We all recall how The Left - the Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) - spread the most vicious, disgusting rumors surrounding the Palin children, specifically surrounding Trig and Bristol Palin.

The Left happily fed - and spread - false speculation that Trig is really Bristol's baby. This pathetic allegation was based on a Palin family photo (below) where Bristol's stomach appears to be slightly pronounced. The Left called it a "baby bump." Whether some LefTard Photochopped her tummy to appear "bloated," I don't know.

Of course, The Left ignored all basic facts of human gestation. In order for Trig to be Bristol's child, she would have been pregnant for something like 11-14 months; the time lapse between the Palin family photo and when Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. Perhaps the uneducated crowd of Pbama Cultist Haters and the ILCP don't know that the human gestation period is nine months.

But if the Pbama Cultists can create rumors and spread them as the truth, then the rest of us can apply the same standard to the Obama children, right? Fair is fair.

It sure looks like Sasha Obama has a baby bump, doesn't it?

Who's the daddy, Sasha? Did your daddy rape you? I ask this only because The Pbama Cultists alleged the same about Bristol Palin. Well, if Sasha is pregnant, the father could be anyone in the Dem Party since it is filled with various pedophiles, sex offenders and perverts.

In January I asked which Obama child will be the first daughter that gets knocked up and have an abortion while in the White House. I predicted Sasha, because she seems like the less intelligent of the Pbama children. As I wrote in January, Sasha will believe the guy who tells her she can't get pregnant if they do "it" standing up.

Malia (left), Sasha (right).
Which one will be the first to get knocked up and an abortion while living in the White House?

I must be on a brilliant winning streak in my predictions. Yep, ol' Sasha sure seems to have that "baby bump."

Can a White House abortion be far behind?

I'm sure Barry and Pickles will put out a call for one of the nation's top abortion doctors to make a house call to the White House and abort the baby that Sasha is obviously carrying.

I know this post is tasteless. It's supposed to be. The Pbama Cultists set the standard, I'm simply applying their standard back onto them. They're the ones who opened the door to attacking the children of candidates.

So Cultists, take a big, heapin' spoonful of your own medicine. You and your False Prophet and his wretched family will be treated as you've treated everyone else for the past eight years.


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Those kids are adorable,both from Palin's family and from Obango's family.

I wish democrats would stop being so nasty. These are children and we are suposed to have some decency, at least when dealing with children.
But then again, if the democrats have to problem in ripping a women's belly, taking out the baby and leave him/her to die (as Obango Junior defends) then I guess speaking evil against innocent children is one small step.
That is really inappropriate. Is it right that people said Bristol was pregnant? No. But it is so much more inappropriate that you would say that about a SEVEN year old CHILD. You are disguisting. Sasha is a beauitful little girl, she isn't chubby at all. I think its just sick you would say something like that about a little kid.
Looks like you win the wiretap grand prize with this one DD. Plus, the Huffpoo rated this post "Five Bunched Panties". Impressive.
I can understand where you're coming from with these type of allegations/thoughts. But I have always considered the 'Right' or 'Conservatives' to be above such things. Makes me wonder if you're really a conservative or just a hater.

You're comment illustrates beautifully that you grasp the whole concept of the post.

Anonymous' comment below could learn a lot from you. And I will reply to you, Anony, in a moment.

You must have missed or do not understand the most importance sentence of the post:

I know this post is tasteless. It's supposed to be. I hope, though I doubt, you registered your complaints at all the sites and blogs of the Libs that demonized and perpetuated the disgusting rumors about Bristol and Trig Palin.

I'm glad you find the post "disgusting." I'm only illustrating how The Left behaves, thus, you must be equally appalled and disgusted by The Left.
Mad Jewess,

Me Too! LOL!

I love your sense of humor. You "get it!"

Oh hell yes, I'm sure I'm now on Pbama's Dept of Homeland Security wiretap and surveillance program. Big time!

The HuffPuffPoo mentioned this post? Where? Oh, I'm gonna have to go over there and do me some searching! I hope they're ripping their pubies out in frustration.
Review Guy,

No, I'm only too happy to lower myself to the attack standards used and employed for many decades by The Liberal Haters. And I apply their tactics right back onto them. See how it works? The hate you perceive is the hate I've taken from The Left and turned back on them.
No, what you are, is a pedophile. The only thing be "turned", is you being "turn" on by showing an illustration of a young girl's naked body in a pregnant state. You are sick. It is not an editor that you need to be reported to. Hm..think that I will check the sex offender's registry. What state are you in please?
Ha ha. Baby bump on Sasha. That's funny. Screw the cultists if they can
t take a joke or a dose of their own medicine.
Thanks Anonymous.

The hysterical hypocrisy from The Left is fully engaged on this post, it seems, compared to their tolerance and compassion for Bristol and Trig Palin.
To Anonymous @ 8:20 PM, April 19, 2009:

Where is there nudity? A stomach is nudity? Bwa! You're really a prude and a hypocrite.

You're baseless accusations state volumes about yourself and nothing about me. It's called psychological projection. And you've got it. I bet you're a registered sex offender/predator, huh? lol!

You don't like it because you dislike the same tactic used by The Left being applied back onto them. That's all. You probably get aroused by partial birth abortions.

Call The Whaambulance!
The post is disturbing but not for the reasons you enlist. The post is disturbing because it reveals the uglyness in the liberal mind. I was distressed by it too, but I know Dave in no way disrespects or thinks evil of Obango's daughters, regardless of what kind of a baby murdering father they have.
Obango's kids are precious jsut like Pali's kids. The socialists should leave both kisd alone in their sick agenda of trying to the guilt by association on Palin.
There is no evidence that Trig Bristol's baby, but that didn't stop the evil socialists, led by the far left media, from going after Trig and Bristol.
Thank you Mats, I appreciate your input.
Both Obama girls will end up crack hos in the hood.
Anony: 5:48PM 4-24-09:

lol! Affirmative Action crack hos, no doubt!

Both daughters will end up with cushy jobs, sit on boards of companies for their name marquee value and have tons of money thrown at them. They will never have to work a real job a day in their privilged lives. Nice work if you can get it...oh, and you must be a Democrat. Then a cushy life is permittable. If you're not a confirmed Marxist, you will be demonized for it.
Apparently I have stumbled across a seriously wack-o right wing hate site. Perhaps they exist on the left-wing, too, but I have not seen one. I have not seen photo-shopped images of any of the Palin kids. I have not seen ugly suggestions about anyone's young children. (You said something about making fun of Trig, but I have never seen anyone make fun of Trig on any left-wing site.) David Drake, you should try to take an objective look at yourself because you are seriously out of touch with reality, apparently because of your hate.
I have never seen anything directed at Palin's children like the disgusting photos posted here. You truly have no decency.
This is a 7 or 8 year old CHILD!!!! She can't even make a baby if she wanted to!!!! Neither side ws right to bring the children into this madness!!!!!!!!!!! ALL CHILDREN ARE PRECIOUS! Left or right!! All of you with these negative comments about children...SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS!!! Children have no control over their enviorments. To say those vicious posts about the Palin or Obama children (not matter how you feel about their parents) is just HATEFUL AND DIVISIVE!!! How you you all fell if someone was saying the same tpe of things about your children...DROP YOUR STONES!!!!!!!
Just what kind of sick pervert are you to even come up with a suggestion so twisted?
You are a sad person with no concept of decency.
So, what's the point to your blog David?! We've already found out who the baby "really" belongs to. Tell Sarah to get off her "high horse". If your daughter got knocked up, just admit it. Don't try and cover it up.

I know you would LOVE to see one of those beautiful, black Obama girls pregnant, but, it ain't happening. President Obama, unlike the Todd Palin, where's the pants in his house (the White House). Feel free to come back to reality at anytime.
What you have written in this post is disgusting, disturbing, and in poor taste; to say the least. Glancing over some of the responses to it, either these people are in on the "joke" or they are just as mental as you are.
This blog is an embarassing reflection on America's image (no wonder most of Europe thinks we are idiots) and most of all you are a disgrace to humanity.

May your thoughts and actions cause you to get exactly what you deserve.
"Da BlakkMan"
Dave can speak for himself, obviously, but let me say a few things.

Have you "found" who the baby "really" belongs to? Bring us the evidence, sir. Sarah Palin did not try to cover up for the fact that her daughter got pregnant outside of the marriage wedlock. Hey, as a black man, I am sure you know what that is all about since that is dominant in black cultures all over the world, even here in Portugal.

Hussein Junior's daughters sure are beautiful, but that wasn't the issue at all. The beautifulness Hussein Junior's kids doesn't chnge the fact that you liberals have two measures: one for socialists and the other for conservatives.
Anony @ 10:35PM July 18, 2009

Actually, the younges case on record according to Guiness Book of Records is some 5 yr old girl in...Brazil (?)...who got pregnant. There's cases in Europe of 7 and 8 yr old girls getting pregnant too. Look it up on the web. They cases are there.

You miss the entire point of the post. No surprise here. I'm not going over it again. Re-read the post, re-read it again. Then re-read the comments. Maybe you will understand.
@ Da BlakkMan,

The point of my blog is to treat Liberals and Progressives as they treat others. To hold them and their politicians to the same standards that they hold everyone else, except themselves.


We all know Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman wears the pants in the Pbama Family.

Did you get a load of Barry's Mommy Jeans at the All Star Game? Who dressed him for that, his boyfriend Mike Signator?

Reality sucks. Sarcasm, satire and parody is where it's at.
@ Anony @ 6:40 PM, July 21, 2009:

It is disgusting, disturbing and in poor taste. That was my original intent. It is supposed to be just that.

I guess I succeeded. Thank you for noticing.

My blog is an "embarassing reflection on America's image?" Bwa! I didn't know I wielded that much power and influence with this little blog that gets a meager 900-1,000 hits a day if that.

Gee, I thought Europe hated America and thought we are idiots because of W. Bush and Cheney. You mean it's all my fault? Bwa ha ha! Oh, that is rich. Sugar-high inducing Rich!

It's be okay with you if I photoshopped the Palin children in the same manner, though, right?

Thanks for commenting, as always. You bring a persepctive and intelligence whenever you comment, always adding a new or different way to look at and assess something.

I agree with you, the Obama daughters are beautiful children. And you are (as always) correct, that is not the issue.

Note to Da BlakkMan: the LeftWing of the Blogosphere went CRAZY pointing out what they called a "baby bump" on Bristol Palin on the one Palin family photo.

It wasn't a baby bump on Bristol. It was just her tummy and a tight fitting shirt. The picture the LeftWing used in pointing out her alleged "baby bump" was taken something like 11-13 months prior to the brith of Trig. I wrote about this before. In order for Trig to have been Bristol's child, the human gestation period would have to have gone from 9 to 11 or 12/13 months. Of course, the Left didn't allow this fact to change their "belief" that Bristol had a baby bump.

Mats, you are right - there are two (At least two) standards for the Left and how they apply those standards to their own and others.
The user known as "Anonymous" is so proud of what he/she says that writes in such a fashion. Fair enough. It's your right.
Allow me to coment on a few things:

What you have written in this post is disgusting, disturbing, and in poor taste; to say the least.

The things that you don't like about this post are the very things the post is attacking, meaningly, using children for political gains. You are distressd bkz you correctly realize that using children to raise in the polls is wrong. What if people tell you that THAT was done by the democrats? Would you take the time and condemn the evil democratic party?

Glancing over some of the responses to it, either these people are in on the "joke" or they are just as mental as you are.

As means of being taken seriously, you should name a thing or two that you don't like about the post or the comments.

This blog is an embarassing reflection on America's image
Actually, the ability to freely criticize politics is enshrined in all free cultures, the USA included. Unless, of course, if you think that President Hussein Junior is off limits.

(no wonder most of Europe thinks we are idiots)

Actually, as someone who lives in europe, I can say that far left europeans hate the USa for the same reason american socialists hate conservatives: diferent values.

I guess also the european elite (not the common people) hate the USA bkz the USA is such a history of sucess against european tirany.

Oh, and europeans always "forget" how much they hate americans when europeans are under distress. Millions of americans gave their live to keep europe free, yet when the socialists went ot write their elitist constitution, not a single word was said about the good things americans did for europe. No thanks for WW1, or 2, nor even Ronald Reagan defeating the "evil empire". Nothing.
and most of all you are a disgrace to humanity.
You don't like free speech?

May your thoughts and actions cause you to get exactly what you deserve.

What do we "deserve"? Freedom? Free press? Access to information not filtered by the Obama media? Using the blogs to expose the lack of morals of the evil democratic party?
Well said, Mats. We will see if Anony responds to you and addresses your rebuttal.

It's funny (and I've said this before), that the crowd of my friends that I run with are mostly Liberal, very, very Liberal. But they don't have the hate element. They hated Bush's policies, but acknowledged they didn't personally hate him as a person. It's the same with me. I hate Liberal policy, not the person.

Oh, there's one or two that I dislike enough to not shed a tear for them if they leave the planet (Ted Kennedy, Liberal Radio talker Mike Malloy). And on the blog I'll give them the GFR (good f*cking riddance), but that's all for show (shhhh, don't tell anyone that). In real life, I hope our Creator (if there is one, I have my doubts sometimes) forgives them just as much as I will be forgiven some day.

Does that make sense?
Sure it does, Dave. As it is (or should be) the norm among civil exchange of ideias, we should focus on issues, value arguments and test claims. Emotions are important, but using emotions (or "empathy") to make decisions is dangerous (knowing how moody we humans are).

I, like you, have no ill feelings towards liberals. I dislike what socialism does to people, but socialists are precious humans just like anyone else.

On a similar vein, I hope also that the Creator, the Lord Jesus, forgives them just like I am forgiven.

Sometimes I picture God looking down on us, arguing about silly things and thinking "IF you humans only knew that what unites you is greater than what divides you, you wouldn't waste time in small talk".
That is why keeping the debate civil is always the best.

Besides, today's liberal maybe tomorrow's conservative! ;-D
"Sometimes I picture God looking down on us, arguing about silly things and thinking 'IF you humans only knew that what unites you is greater than what divides you, you wouldn't waste time in small talk'."

That says so very much, Mats.


I've had my doubts about a Creator/God in the past few years. Was for many years Christian. Now...I've moved to the agnostic side. (Not atheist, but agnostic; big difference there.)

What moved me there is that I've seen a lot of human suffering and I don't... I can't understand why a loving God would allow this. I can't self-justify it. Why would a God who created us out of love banish anyone to Hell because that person may not obey him? Why create that person at all? Why not create automatons instead of humans? Why punish someone for exercising their free will when the intent is to allow free will?

I've never gotten any good answers from anyone on this. You seem, to me, to possess the wisdom and knowledge on matters of faith. Are there answers to what I ask?
hey Dave,

I have given my opinion about it in one of my blogs.
The pain that is in the world sickens me too, specially when it affects children..... :-|
I'll be over there in a few moments to read your post, Mats. Thanks.
Anonymous 10:01 AM, July 19, 2009;

On the contrary. I think I am the funniest, wittiest person I know with the bestest blog in the entire galaxy.

I know and practice decency. Too bad The Left doesn't. That is what the post is about. You're not bright enough to grasp that though, are ys?
Nan @ 6:45 AM, July 19, 2009;

My digestive tract is working on a nice, fresh Hot Karl for you. I bet you would really like it. Where would you prefer it? On the face? Smack dab in the middle of your cleavage? Let me know.
Cee Cee aka Cliffy (Profil nicht verfügbar),

So you're commenting as a woman now, Clif? That's funny. Is Cee Cee your alter ego femme persona? That's nice.

I'd say my digestive track is working on a nice Hot Karl for you too, but that probably just gets you all hot and bothered.

You haven't "stumbled" across this blog. You've been lurking for months Cliffy. Why not do what you do best and drool like that Tard you are, play army and maybe hook up with your fellow NE blog commenters and let do some serious pegging to you? You'd like it, I'm sure.

"Cee Cee." Oh Cwiffy, that;s funny.
Sharon @ 6:02 AM, July 18, 2009

Ah, you found this post via the field negro, didn't you? Let me ask you something, is the term field negro racist? If not, can I use it?

Please see the following post about how despicable the Palin children were treated and photoshopped by The Left:


I know you won't respond, because you can't. You're wrong about what you wrote.
You hit a raw nerve, and the socialists are not happy to see their rethoric used against them.

Good job!
Thanks Mats.

You can probably imagine how many comments I received on this post but have not published, but will get around to when I have more time.
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