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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama's Momma Posed Naked!

Barrack Hussein Obama, Junior's mom posed naked.

What a whore! What a slut! What a skank-ho!

Although I will hand it to her...she's on her knees in a couple of the images, just like a woman should be.

Bark like a dog, for me Mrs. Dunham-Obama-Soetoro. I'll teach you the meaning of the word respect!

The Mad Jewess has the story AND THE PHOTOGRAPHS:

    …if this was McCains Mama, or Sarah Palins Mama, do you think they would have only kept this on the internet?? HECK NO! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER AND ALL OF THE NEWS STATIONS, they would have BURIED McCain or Palin, and thats a FACT- They would have shown it EVERYWHERE!

H/T: GroovyVic at Fiddle Dee Dee.

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Not exactly news: was posted here back in October.

I just heard about it, don't know how I missed it back in October or whenever the story hit.

Was the story downplayed because Dear Leader is a Democrat? Had to be. It would have been all over the MSM if it had been McCain's mom posing at a young age, don't you think?
You're right,the story never gained any traction. Anyway, the evidence that the woman depicted is Stanley Ann is speculative at best although the resemblance is striking. I went through my files for other photos and articles; you may have a lot of this already....

Barack,Sr. & Stanley Ann Soetero Family Stanley Ann as youth Stanley Ann and Young Barack Stanley Ann's work in Indonesia Obama and Frank Marshall Davis (article)
FMD as author (excerpt)
It didnt make it anywhere because that site is White Supremist.
Mine just MIGHT get national coverage.
I dont care WHO gets it where or how, just get it out :)
Obama is a DEMON
I added you to my Blogroll, if you dont mind :)
Thanks SteadyJ. I will hit your links a bit later this eve when I have more time.

I agree, the story should have receieved wider national attention, but then that meant the MSM would have reported on something that didn't shine Barry's Mamma in the finest light.
Mad Jewess,

I heard about your site from the very wonderful GroovyVic.

I'm adding you to my blogroll as well, and THANK YOU for adding me to yours! Keep in touch!
I LOVE GroovyVic :) I love you too ;) GOd Bless, keep up the HARD work against the Iman-in-Chief Messiah from HELL.
Thanks MJ, back at you, too.

GroovyVic is the best.
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