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Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama's "Lowliest Private."

Oh, yeah, The Left supports the Men and Women in The U.S. Military. As The Left says, "they just don't support the mission."

Huh, The Left didn't "support George Bush's War," but they sure accept "Pbama's War," don't they?

In his press conference, Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior showed how much he cares about the Men and Women in the Military by referring to ..."the lowliest Private..." WSJ.com:

    I will tell you that when I meet our servicemen and women — “enchanted” is probably not the word I would use. (Laughter.) But I am so profoundly impressed and grateful to them for what they do. They’re really good at their job. They are willing to make extraordinary sacrifices on our behalf. They do so without complaint. They are fiercely loyal to this country. And the more I interact with our servicemen and women, from the top brass down to the lowliest private, I’m just — I’m grateful to them.

A great big lie from Obama. All he knows is how to lie. He doesn't respect, nor is he grateful to anyone who has served or currently serves in the Military. His disdain for the Military comes through loud and clear in his words.

WizBang has a fine post about these "lowliest privates." It's "must" reading. Check it out.


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