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Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama's "Austrian" Language

Oh, Lordy Day, if this had been spoken by G.W Bush...boy howdy, the catcalls from the LefTards.

At a news conference, Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior referred to the "Austrian" language. Bloomberg:

    At a news conference afterward, Obama said his debut on the international stage had convinced him that “political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate,” where he served before entering the White House.

    “There’s a lot of -- I don’t know what the term is in Austrian -- wheeling and dealing, and people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics,” he said in response to an Austrian reporter’s question.

Uh, hey - FuckTard Retard Barry, there is no Austrian language.

Yeah, Barry...he's just so intelligent (swooning...)


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Dave, I am so sick of hearing the Cultists describe the affirmative action Harvard Grad and current Chimp-In-Chief as a genius and so much smarter than Bush. He might very well be smarter than Bush but they have no objective evidence to back this claim because all of his academic records have been sealed. My experience regarding people that graduate from an Ivy League school is first they tell what school they went to and then they will tell you their GPA. Telling us he graduated Cum Laude is rather meaningless. Gore graduated “Cum Laude” from Harvard but had several Cs and a D in earth science no less. Only people that have something to hide don’t talk about their school grades or endlessly babble about it but don’t tell the whole story. Keith Olbermann blathered on and on about his “Ivy League” education at Cornell. But come to find out he graduated from the land grant Cornell school with a communications degree and not the Ivy League school which does not nor ever offered a communications degree. What do you think he is hiding??
Of course there's an Austrian language DD. Remember the Conan movies?
After the disaster of this tournée, I can make one prediction regarding President Obango Junior: he won't be leaving the USA anytime soon. lol

(Sorry for the typos, but american is not my first language)
Theodore, Olberwiener and all the other libs are hiding their past, of which is mostly PR spin and bullshit. If the truth were made public, none of these Liberal asshats would have a chance in hell of being elected. You nailed it.

Oh, shit, I forgot the Conan movies. I did! Forgot all about them. Darn. My bad. My very bad!

Yeah, we want him to travel so he gets out of the US so he can do less harm to us.

No need to apol for grammar or language. I almost never spell check my comments here or at other blogs.

I'm not one of those Libs who can't argue facts so instead, all they can do is pick on a typo or grammatical issue.

Thanks for visiting.
Thanks Dave for the kind words. Alwyas nice to see yoru graphics and the humor therein. You wouldn't believe how I laughed when I started cruising down the older psots.

I was being sarcastic, btw. There is no "american language". But don't tell that to the President Obango "57 states" Junior.

I am pleased you find humor and laugher here. That is the main point of it all. Much thanks for kind words.

Heh, the "American is not my first language" (that you commented earlier) went right over my head. I should have grasped that. Must have been either a busy day or I was tired. Hey, sometimes even someone who prides themselves on recognizing sarcasm misses out every once in a while. ;-)

Flag companies will now have to add 7 more stars when they manufacture the next batch of American flags. You are spot on.
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