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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama Murders Teenage Somali Pirates


The hostage standoff between Muslim Somali pirates and their hostage, Captain Richard Phillips, ended tragically when Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, ordered U.S. Navy Seal snipers to assassinate the pirates. Obama is a Warmonger, a charge The Left salivatingly applied in liberal doses to George W. Bush.

According to Bloomberg the ages of the executed pirates were ages 17 to 19. The captured pirate is 16 years old. Sixteen years old! He's just a kid and so were the other three pirates.

Obama ordered the execution of teenagers; children really. He must feel like a real tough guy. A real leader. A big man.

What's next for The Fraud From Kenya - stealing candy from children and shoving then tripping the elderly?

Where were the skilled negotiations from Obama, who tells us he can resolve all things peacefully? Where was "talking with the enemy"? Why the rush to such a violent ending?

The Left is famous for saying W. Bush didn't allow the UN enough time for inspections in Iraq despite the fact that the UN issued some - I forget the exact number - 18 or more resolutions. Why wasn't there more time allowed in order to reach a peaceful, non-violent conclusion with the teen pirates?

The teen pirates were simply looking for a means of sustenance. The Left is famous for asking who is America to impose our value system, morals or standards of behavior on those who have virtually nothing to eat, no shelter, little clothing?

The teen pirates were only looking for a way to improve their lot in life. Their choice of piracy may not have been the best choice, but did Obama need to kill three teen-aged Muslims?

In a moment where greatness was required, Obama resorted to the brutal execution of three teenagers.

Who are we to do this? We are America, and Obama aggressively promotes his brand of American Imperialism around the world - something The Left spent the past eight years defining as unacceptable behavior.

What about the due process of the teen pirates? What about their civil liberties? What about their right to Habeas Corpus? Oh, The Left would be raising all these issues had teen pirates been executed by a Republican president. But Obama receives the Coveted Free Pass.

If we have learned anything from The Left, it is that bullying, warfare and militaristic confrontation is not the answer to conflict. The answer is talking and negotiation. Where was this during the teen pirate stand-off? AWOL.

The dead teen pirates are more examples of Obama's American Imperialism. He is in the driver's seat. Nothing has changed. Obama continues the mode of why the world hates us; we are the aggressor. Blame America, it's our fault. It is our fault, I wholeheartedly agree with the Liberals this time.

Where was the outreach from The Community Organizer In Chief to the pirates? Where was his compassion for the below poverty level of existence for the teen pirates? The pirates were just trying to put food on the table for their families. Sure, piracy is wrong, but who are we to judge it using only our own limited and narrow standards?

Perhaps we need to work harder, much harder, in order to understand and accept the culture and tradition of the downtrodden pirates who are simply trying to better their lives. Chances are they chose piracy because it's the only avenue for their existence.

Obama's execution of the teen pirates is already fomenting more acts of aggression against the United States and our presence around the world. American Imperialism is what it is, and it is what the world hates.

Obama's execution of the teen pirates has resulted in Somali pirates - most likely teenagers - seizing four ships in the past 24 hours.

Pbama's order that allowed the ruthless slaughter of these unfortunate civilian causalities has already caused a new wave of pirate attacks.

Pbama's actions assures only more aggression and violence directed at us. And all of this is our fault. America is to blame. Obama is to blame. It's his fault....all his fault.

The teen pirate episode does not, in any way, reflect a Pbama success in passing any "test". He gave the order to shoot and kill teenagers while the murder rate in his home base of the south side of Chicago continues skyrocketing.

I haven't checked, but if it's not out there already, it's only a matter of time until some Pbama Cultists blame the Somali Teen Pirate episode on their wild conspiracy theory of Dick Cheney's Shadow Presidency:


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Violence and killing is never the answer. NEVER! Haven't you been paying attention to The Left for the past eight years?

You must be some sort of Bushitler jackboot licking neocon.

Obama killed 3 teens. He's a Warmonger and a murderer. The End!
Ajlouny said...

Teenagers with guns that posed a threat. There could still have been lives lost during their stupid act. It was a risk that they took and it did not pay off obviously.

10:33 PM, April 14, 2009
** note: in my response to Ajlouny I edited out his hypertext link, which was for his business as a slip and fall injury attorney. If you want to buy advertising on my site, let's chat. If not, don't expect the free linkage.

I then re-posted his comment, sans the link, and responded to his comment.
Wow DD. Did you have to post a picture Cheney? It's terrifying. I won't be able to sleep all night now with all the neocon nightmares and all. It's like he's looking right through me. Shudder.

I had to run the photo of Cheney. He said if I didn't he'd personally waterboard me.

I know...it's scary. I have trouble sleeping at night too.;-0
As much as I enjoyed seeing Cheney with the 'still the president hat', I think the pirate map takes the cake.

Nice work, mofo.
High praise from The Don Long. Thanks Don.

Now, it's really time for you to update The Shaved Ape, damn it! Get back to blogging!
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