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Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Graded F In MSNBC Poll

Barry gets an F. He doesn't play well with others, either.

A poll conducted by MSNBC shows a majority of voters giving Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior a FAILING GRADE:

    If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? (* 1955735 responses):

    He gets an A - 29%

    He gets a B - 6.2%

    He gets a C - 5.5%

    He gets a D - 15%

    He gets an F - 44%

Remember...The Left spent the past sixteen years tell us that "polls mean everything. We live and die by the polls."

So...is it time to impeach Barry yet?


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This won't bother Michael Signator's Life-Partner one bit! I am sure that he received several F grades while at Harvard, too bad that his grades have all been sealed from public viewing.
But...but.....media bias...hmm... Bush is evil!! err... and..and... racism! Ahhh!!! None of the usual leftist lines work in here! Darn it!
I think I saw this poll some time ago in the earlier stages. Lots of F grades and then he pulled into the lead with As (I think some Lefties were worried about the final grade). And now... now he's back to an F. Interesting, isn't it... given that it's on MSNBC.
Now DD you know we don't give 'F's anymore because it hurts the little child's feelings very very badly and we can't have that.
The only thing surprising about this poll is that 1955735 actually watched MSNBC.

Yeah, the Left would have made a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG DEAL over Bush not releasing his grades or papers. But not Barry.

He still has yet to release his med records either. I wonder what he's hiding? Cocaine and ganja in his blood?

You're right!

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled Bush Derangement Syndrome....

Yeah, the Cultists probably hit the MSNBC site en masse and repeatedly selected the "A" grade. I don't think the counter was set to record only "one vote per IP", so the poll, apparently, is open to mischief. ACORN must have gotten in there and kept clicking on the "A".

Yeah, we should go easy on Baby Barry. His feelings might get hurt.

Everyone is a winner! No one receives an "F". Oh, 'cept for W. Bush.

No shit! Excellent point. That that many supposedly visited the MSNBC site of that poll...and two-thirds were prob Pbama Cultists trying to change the outcome by repeatedly clicking on the "A" grade. Hah! Fakers and Frauds!
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