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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Admin Failing On Flu Epidemic

The whole world is taking steps to contain the so-called "swine" flu.

But not the United States. Nope. The Pbama Admin is failing miserably at containing this outbreak which some now define as a pandemic.

What's the advice from the Pbama Admin?

Janet "The Sow" Napolitano. In way over her head.
Uniquely unqualified and lacking the intelligence and experience to run DHS.

Well, Department of Homeland Security Janet "The Sow" Napolitano says...

    "You should wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you cough."

Whew! I can see why these Liberals are in leadership positions. They are so smart, such intellectuals. Who would know that we should be washing our hands often and covering our mouths when we cough if the Nanny Government didn't tell us this?

It's taxpayer money well spent, isn't it?


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"It's taxpayer money well spent, isn't it?"

Yes it is.

"You should wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you cough."

And maybe use some soap while washing your hands...if you got enough money to afford it.

Besides, caughing in your hand is bad when you are about to shake hands. Every hygienist will tell you that you should caught in your elbow as my gf reminds me to do all the time.

This kind of advice makes CNN folks do it in their pants right away. It doesn't take much to impress them when it boils down to Obama. Their complaisant attitude toward the Obama administration makes me want to puke at every time.
Barry sprays NYC with swine flu, and Napolitwat says wash your hands. OK. Sure thing.
I just have this to say about Napolitano.

She makes Michelle Obama look attractive.

Crap, she's uglier than a MUD FENCE.
Check out this cartoon about swine flu!
*CARTOON*Feel free to post on your blog or "tweet"
Tym, (GASP) DHS left out the part about using soap! That must mean millions of people aren't washing correctly! Uh-oh! Barry and Janet better issue an all points bulletin!

Fuck! We're all gonna die.......

The elbow cough is great advice, I have heard that too and try to do it. Unless I know for sure the person I am talking to voted for Obama, then I sneeze and cough all over them deliberately.


It's all some swiney sort of plot.

They're up to something fiendish. I can just tell. No jokin around. They're plotting something.
Two Dogs,

What? Janet doesn't turn your crank? You don't find those sensuous eyes and that bedroom mouth arousing? Huh. Maybe it's just me that is in love with this big, flabby grab bag of a woman.
Nice toon, Past! I love it when pigs fly. And doves cry!

Just like Obama did once with some reporter that asked him some ackward questions.

I think I saw that on your blog. Actually, I'm pretty sure, am I right?

Hmmmmm, you have got my brain in a "search" mode trying to recall the reporter scenario. I just can't place it right now, but maybe I will think of it.

Oh, yes yes, the reporter that Pbama sneezed on, yes yes! My "brain" kicked in.

here is the link:


You have a great memory and ability for "recall". I had completely forgotten about him sneezing on the reporter. Gosh, I am so GLAD you are on "our" side, Tym! Thanks!
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