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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MSNBC Airs Ed Schultz Program,
He's A Wife-Beater And Dog Killer

I see MSNBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for liberal mouthpieces. They've gone and dug deep into the dirty, dark, dank, moldy, parasite-infected crevasse and pulled Big Fat Dumb Ed Schultz out of the gutter and put him on television. Wow.

Ed Schultz: Wife-Beater / Drunk Dog Shooter

If you watch his program - and for the life of me I can't think of why you would - just remember the two following things about Big Fat Dumb Ed:

1) He's a wife-beater. Beat and physically abused his first wife, Maureen, until she was black and blue and bruised and bloodied. I've written this before. It's no secret. If it weren't true, Ed could sue me for libel and defamation. So far, he hasn't. That's because you can't sue someone for telling the truth.

2) During a hunting trip, a drunken Ed -while hunting, mind you - shot and killed his own dog. Again, this is true.

You don't have to believe me on any of this. Search it out for yourself.

Other gems from this vacuous piece of absolute feces includes his pathetic attack on the wife of Republican Senator Larry Craig:

    "Maybe Larry Craig's wife sticks by him because she doesn't want to go out and get a job."

    "Maybe [Mrs. Craig] goes along with this because she's looking forward to the retirement."

    "She's a fool to go along with this."

    "[Mrs. Craig] is an idiot for staying with him. She's dumb."

And his compassionless Coup de Smear of Anna Nicole Smith calling her a, "dead whore," and stating that he is, "fresh out of sympathy for her."

This is all so funny from the Fat Drunken Wife Beater/Dog Killer...because if you listen to his Liberal Radio program like I do, he often asks rhetorically, "where has the civility gone?"

Indeed. Where has civility gone?


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Who's dick did he suck to get that job?
Ha ha ha ha ha! Honestly.

His cable ratings have tanked in the first couple of weeks that he's been on. I have a feeling the Wife Beater Drunken Dog Killer won't last long.

He's really a dumb fuck. Honestly, I am not kidding. Listen to his radio program a couple of times. His synapses are not firing, never have, never will.
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