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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Michelle Pickles Obama Displays
Classless Boorish Behavior In Europe

Michelle Obama, Classless. Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Classy.

Well, ol' Michelle Pickles Pbama The Dangerous Washerwoman sure made a crapload of faux pas and etiquette breaches while overseas.

Here are a few:

    Michelle Obama arrived at Buckingham Palace in a sleeveless white top worn part of the time with a three-quarter length sleeved sweater. Although she meant no disrespect, I'm sure, this attire was not appropriate when meeting the Queen of England. Another faux pas was when our First Lady, Michelle put her arm around the Queen during the photo shoot.

    Proper protocol allows the Queen to touch people if she wishes but does not allow others to touch her.

And while Pickles failed to curtsy and Barry failed to bow before the Queen of England, BARRY BOWED BEFORE THE SAUDI ARABIAN KING. Bwa ha ha! This is funny because Pbama Cultists hate Saudi Arabia and the Saudis and spent the past eight years joining W. Bush at the hip of the Saudis. AND NOW WE HAVE PBAMA BOWING BEFORE THE SAUDI KING! BWA HA HA HA HA!

And WTF is up with Pickles' outfit in the below photo? Is she auditioning for the role of The Grape in a Fruit of The Loom Commercial?

Designer Oscar de la Renta had harsh words for Michelle's choice of clothing. CNN:

    "You don't…go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater," Oscar de la Renta told Woman's Wear Daily regarding Mrs. Obama's decision to wear a cardigan over an Isabel Toledo-designed dress for the private meeting.

Barry and Pickles - arrogant and full of hubris - ignored the protocols of their hosts while in the UK. The Telegraph:

    There was something about those handsome, smiling, clean-limbed, corn-fed Americans towering benignly over our petite Queen and her shorter-than-he-used-to-be consort: a meeting of generations, of worlds old and new, of allies, of minds. My love for America has always been unconditional, and that photograph reminded me why.

    Then they went and ruined it with the next picture, the one of them hugging. I'm sorry, Mrs Obama, I don't care how strapping and smiley and gorgeous you are, no one touches the Queen. How do you think the Tibetans would feel if you started manhandling the Dalai Lama? Mmm? Or the Italians if you gave the Pope's knee a friendly squeeze? It's just not on. There are no excuses. You should have known. THE BRITISH. DO NOT. HUG.

    If you check through the State Department protocols you were given for this trip, you will see it there on page one, first paragraph. "Please note: The British do not hug. They are a reserved people with codes of behaviour that stretch back for a millennium. They will nod politely, they will shake your hand, but invade their personal space and they will cringe, both outwardly and inwardly."

The Boorish Pbamas, Barry and Pickles. Classless Barry and Classless Pickles, actually. The gift they gave the Queen was an iPod. Classy...real classy.

None of the usual American MSM or press is covering any of these types of stories. Go to the UK papers...they don't have a Fascist vested interest in portraying the Pbamas in glowing, fabulous terms. Nope...the UK is wise to the Pbamas.


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WTF? Is there no hideous set of drapes Pickles won't have rendered into cowhide?
I wonder if the iPod had a bootlegged copy of the Best of Air Supply on it or maybe one the God Damn America speeches? They're so inspirational.
Molson, the purple outfit does look like some drapes or curtains she rolled up in, don't they? Excellent observation!

Yep. The iPod had Rev. Reich's sermons and a bunch of Kenyan music. Maybe some rap too?
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