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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manhattan Flyover Conspiracies

The official Pbama Admin explanation for terrorizing New Yorkers with the Air Force One Flyover isn't believable to a large segment of Americans.

The explanation given by the Corrupt Pbama Admin is that they needed some footage of The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan for a photo-op.

Huh. Really? One can't find a postcard or any picture or image of Lady Liberty on it?

No postcards or photographs of the New York skyline? No photographs of the buildings, the skyscrapers? Huh. Amazing.

"He's NOT my Führer."

One theory is that the pilot who was flying Air Force One commandeered the airplane and took it on a jaunt in order to expose the lack of security in the Obama Admin. This makes sense when you consider Air Force One was being tailed by an F-16. Was the F-16 scrambled after Air Force One was hijacked?

Some discussion boards on this topic propose the real reason is that the Pentagon is testing a new defense technique for protecting cities like New York and D.C. The Pbama Admin selected New York for their litmus test because New Yorkers are good little guinea pigs to test and measure when it comes to terrorist attacks.

Some say they swear the Air Force One plane released some sort of spray over Manhattan and others purport the spray was the swine flu virus. Hey, could be! See, the Pbama Admin really has no love for New Yorkers. The whole city is far too overpopulated, uses far too much energy and the best scenario - in the eyes of the Pbama Admin - would be to reduce the New York population by 75 percent.

The Fascist In Chief

Others report strange chemical contrails released from Air Force One and the F-16. A covert biological experiment conducted on innocent Americans by the Fascist Pbama Regime? Who knows, could be. Nothing would surprise me.

Then we have The Affirmative Action Prednint who says he was out of the loop - that he had no idea his own plane was missing. None. Not a clue.

If Barry doesn't know his plane is missing, can America trust him with the nuclear suitcase?

No one believes the spin coming from the Corrupt Fascist Pig Pbama White House. Americans demand the truth!

Will someone in Congress please draw up the articles of impeachment against Obama?


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How much greenhouse gasses did this boondoggle release? I'm going to sue Barry for global warming damages.
Cult of personality marches on. Comrade Hussein Obango Junior can't stop the worship services.
Molson, well, CBS news reports the following price tag on the flyover.


Along with scaring New Yorkers, the military flyover of lower Manhattan on Monday cost taxpayers $328,835, reports WCBS in New York. That bill includes $300,658 for the larger plane, which flew a three-hour mission, and about $28,178 for two F-16 jets, which flew 1.8 hours each, said Air Force spokeswoman Vicki Stein.That doesn't take into account the panic and loss of business because NY'ers thought they might be witnessing another attack.

Another triumph for Barry!
Cult of Personality sums it up so accurately and genuinely, Mats, yes. I thank you for reminding me of that fine phrase. It's perfect.
Please keep up the hateful namecalling and spin. This Democrat thanks you for showcasing the Republican mindset.
HEY, douchebag! I mean Rhonda.

Thanks. I will keep up the same treatment of Democrats that the Democrats do of others; mainly, hateful namecalling and spin. That's what Dems do.

What's the matter widdle cunt, you don't like a taste of your own medicine? That's too bad.
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