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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gitmo Detainee Says Abuse Worsened And Increased After Obama Took Office

A Gitmo detainee (another one!) says that physical abuse increased greatly after Barack Hussein Obama, Junior took office. I'm sourcing this using the very uber-Liberal MSNBC story because The Pbama Cultists looooooooove them their MSNBC:

    A young Guantanamo prisoner from Chad was given permission to telephone a relative but instead called the al-Jazeera television network and said he was being beaten and abused at the U.S. detention camp.

    Transcripts of the recorded interview with Guantanamo captive Mohammad el Gharani were posted on the Qatar-based television network's English-language Website on Tuesday.


    He told al-Jazeera he had been beaten with batons and teargassed by a group of six soldiers wearing protective gear and helmets after refusing to leave his cell.

    "This treatment started about 20 days before Obama came into power, and since then I've been subjected to it almost every day," he told Al Jazeera.

    "Since Obama took charge he has not shown us that anything will change."

It was this past February when we learned human rights' lawyer Ahmed Ghappour is representing 31 Gitmo detainees for being abused. The kicker is that all of Ghappour's clients say the abuse began - and increased with more severity - when Obama took office.

I guess since Obama likes ordering the execution of teen pirates he also gets his kicks out of abusing those being held in Gitmo.

Chubby Little Barry. Pulling wings off flies?

Do you think that, as a child, Obama enjoyed pulling the wings off of flies and using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn ants? I wonder if he tortured small animals for his amusement?

Remember...Pbama issued executive orders banning torture...but he allows himself the option of not having to abide by his own order. This is no different than what W. Bush did, which sent The Left into apoplectic fits of hysteria and rage. I wonder why The Left reacts differently now? I wonder what's changed?


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